Visual Studio "14" CTPs

Visual Studio "14" Community Technology Previews (CTPs) are early, prerelease versions of the next major release of Visual Studio. CTPs provide early adopters with an opportunity to try out the new and improved product features, and the ability to share feedback with the product team.

CTP limitations

CTPs are provided for testing and feedback purposes only. CTPs are unsupported, English-only releases. They are not subject to final validation and are not intended for use on production computers, or to create production code.

Installing a CTP release will place a computer in an unsupported state. For that reason, we recommend only installing CTP releases in a virtual machine, or on a computer that is available for reformatting.

Although these CTPs are intended to be installed side-by-side with earlier versions of Visual Studio, complete compatibility on every CTP is not guaranteed.

Azure Virtual Machine

Alternatively, you can also use Visual Studio "14" CTP releases in a pre-built Azure virtual machine. For more information, see Visual Studio “14” CTP now available in the Virtual Machine Azure Gallery.

Release notes

Sharing your experience

  • Bugs - To report a bug that you find, review the Visual Studio "14" CTP Release Notes (KB 2967191) for known issues, and then please use Microsoft Connect to report any new issues you discover.
  • Suggestions - To share ideas or suggestions you have, please use UserVoice.
  • Feedback - To give simple feedback, near the right side of the title bar in Visual Studio, choose the speech-bubble icon (Icon to open the Send-a-Smile/Frown Dialog Box), and then choose either Send a Smile or Send a Frown.

CTP downloads

Release Release date Version Installation links
CTP 4 06 October 2014 14.0.22129.1.DP
  • Visual Studio Professional (web | iso)
    ISO SHA1: 2ED2E3B052B5B259B7F19E5983FA497F3AEFA8B6
  • Remote Tools (x86 | x64 | arm)
  • Visual Studio SDK (exe)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Multibyte Character Set (MBCS) (exe)

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