Visual Studio Online Released to General Availability

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Visual Studio is a comprehensive collection of tools and services to help you create a wide variety of apps, both for the Microsoft platform and beyond. Visual Studio also connects all of your projects, teams, and stakeholders. Now your team can work with greater agility from virtually anywhere—irrespective of development tool, including Eclipse and Xcode. Whether you’re designing mission-critical .NET apps, writing blazing fast code with C++ AMP, or testing and debugging a cloud-connected HTML/JavaScript app that runs on many devices, join millions of developers worldwide in choosing Visual Studio as your essential development environment.
for cross platform development

Built for Agile Processes

Visual Studio is flexible and integrated to help you embrace agile development practices at your pace. Whether you work on-premises or in the cloud, Visual Studio’s lifecycle management tools will help you deliver software in shorter cycles with greater agility while increasing software quality. Built-in tools support every aspect of the development process from backlog management to sprint planning to continuous delivery.
built for agile processes

Better with Visual Studio Online

Visual Studio Online is the fastest and easiest way yet to plan, build, and ship software across a variety of platforms. With Visual Studio Online, you can set up an environment for you or your team that includes everything from hosted Git repositories and project tracking tools, to continuous integration and an IDE, all packaged up in simple monthly plans. Get up and running in minutes on our cloud infrastructure without having to install or configure a single server.
better with visual studio online