Add team members

Now you have a team project, you can use Visual Studio Online to share your work with your team. You can all work on the same codebase, create backlog items and bugs, track the team status and more.

  1. In Visual Studio Online, select your team project. (If you haven't been here before, use Browse to find your team project.)

    Team project link on the account home page
  2. Manage team members from the team project home page.

    Manage link in the members section of the team project page
  3. Add users to your team.

    Manage members page, add dropdown, add user

    Add multiple users at the same time. Each user you add needs a Microsoft account.

    Add a user page

    Now these users are members of your team.

    Manage members page with new team members are added to your team
  4. Each team member that you added gets an invitation email with a link to your Visual Studio Online account. They can use this link to sign in and access the team project.

    First time signing in to Visual Studio Online with your Microsoft account? We will ask you for some extra information so that we can personalize your experience.

    Profile page

    If our Terms of Service have changed since you last signed in, you may be asked to agree and confirm that your information is up-to-date.


Q:Why can’t I add more team members to my Visual Studio Online account?

A:Once you’ve assigned all 5 of the free licenses for your Visual Studio Online account, you either need to add eligible MSDN Subscribers or buy additional licenses for your account. You can add eligible MSDN Subscribers from the Users hub.

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