Connect to Visual Studio

After you create a Visual Studio Online account, create a team project to store your code. Then connect it to Visual Studio or another development environment.

Create your team project

On your account home page, name your project, choose your version control provider (Team Foundation Version Control or Git), and select a process template.

Create your first team project 

Connect your team project to Visual Studio

  1. If you haven't already, install Visual Studio 2013.

  2. Open Visual Studio from your account's home page. Don't see this view?

    Open Visual Studio to connect button on the overview page 
  3. Sign in to Visual Studio Online from Visual Studio. Why do I see a sign-in page that's different than when I sign in to Visual Studio?

  4. In Team Explorer, set up the mapping between your workspace and the source for version control.

    Configure Workspace link in Team Explorer home page 

    I don't see the Configure Workspace link. What do I do next?

  5. Confirm your workspace path, map your workspace, and get the source.

    Map and get button on Team Explorer home page
  6. Now you can check in source, queue builds, and manage work.

    Your team project is now connected to Visual Studio 

Q & A

Q:Why do I see a different sign-in page than when I sign in to Visual Studio?

A:You'll see the sign-in page for either your Microsoft account or your organizational account, based on how you were added to Visual Studio Online.

For example, you'll see the sign-in page for your organizational account if your Visual Studio Online account is connected to your organization's directory, and you were added with your organizational account. Otherwise, you'll see the Microsoft account page if you have to sign in with your Microsoft account.
Connect to Visual Studio Online if you're a directory member 

Q:Why are some features not available with my account?

A:These features require a license.

Try these features for free. Or, get licenses that give you access to these features.

Q:Can I open Visual Studio from Visual Studio Online?

A:Yes. From your team project page (, open Visual Studio to connect to your team project.
Open in Visual Studio link in the overview page

Q:Why doesn't Visual Studio launch when I click "Open in Visual Studio" on my team project page?

A:This link requires Visual Studio 2013 or later. It doesn't launch earlier versions of Visual Studio.

Q:Can I use earlier versions of Visual Studio to connect to Visual Studio Online?

A:Yes. You can use Visual Studio 2012. You can also use Visual Studio 2010, but you'll need to install Service Pack 1 and KB2662296 first. Or, you can use Visual Studio 2008 SP1, with this GDR update. Launch Visual Studio, then connect to Visual Studio Online using your account URL and select your team project.

Q:I don't see the configure workspace link shown in the above steps. What do I do next?

A:You might have already created a workspace for this dev machine. You can view your workspace by opening Source Control Explorer or change it by clicking Manage Workspaces.

Team Explorer Home page with Source Control Explorer highlighted and Workspace menu open  

Q:Can I create additional team projects?

A:Yes. To support development projects that different teams work on which you want to keep separate, you can add a team project. Click New on the Overview page.

New link on your Visual Studio Account home page

Q:Can I delete a team project that I've created?

A:Yes. You can delete a team project that you no longer use.

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