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Agile Software Development

Adopt agile practices on your terms

Incrementally adopt the agile practices that best fit your team. Quickly plan, manage, and track work across all your backlogs and teams with easy-to-use, fully integrated tools for agile planning and portfolio management. Provide real-time visibility with customizable Kanban and task boards, while continuously monitoring status with flexible reporting. Agile tools are available in Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server.

Agile Portfolio Management

Visibility Across all your Teams

  • Create hierarchical backlogs at each level of your work-breakdown
  • Quickly define, prioritize, and decompose work
  • Mark up backlog items with work item tags for quick categorization

Coordination Within and Across Teams

  • Increase efficiencies by understanding the scope of work across several teams
  • Track work at scenario level without giving up visibility into the details
  • Keep your team focused on delivery instead of status meetings

Task Boards and Kanban Boards

Track Sprint Progress

  • Burndown work quickly and efficiently with the Scrum based task board
  • Hold daily standups around the task board to stay focused on the team’s work
  • Update work remaining directly from the board and move tasks into their current state

Visualize the Flow of Value

  • Use Kanban visualizations with any process template
  • Customize your boards to meet the needs of your process
  • Track the big-picture from the Kanban board while your teams focus on the tasks at hand
  • Spot bottlenecks and track sprint-over-sprint value with the cumulative flow diagram

Prioritization and Planning

Prioritize Work

  • Drag-and-drop to re-order items on your backlog
  • Immediately see impact on the remaining work
  • Drive clarity and fast feedback between stakeholders, the Product Owner, and the team
  • Forecast progress through your backlog using the team’s velocity

Plan with Confidence

  • Create high confidence sprint plans with fit-for-purpose team planning tools
  • Increase the team’s focus and effectiveness with a visual representation of the backlog
  • Track the team’s capacity per-person and per-role; continuously verify that the team has the resources needed

Reporting and Integration

Work Item Charting

  • Build real-time charts of all your work item data
  • Create charts in seconds directly from any work item query
  • Easily view data at a glance in any modern browser

Reporting Services, Analysis Services, and the Data Warehouse

  • Get started fast with dozens of out-of-box reports
  • Build custom reports with full trend data using Excel or Reporting Services
  • Custom work item fields are automatically available to the data warehouse and the OLAP cube


  • Improve communication, share ideas, and store project documentation on an integrated SharePoint portal
  • Exploit fine grained security controls to provide appropriate document access to only authorized stakeholders
  • Leverage SharePoint Enterprise for out-of-the-box, graphical dashboards displaying project and sprint status across a number of areas, including quality, build, testing and overall progress.

Visual Studio Online Capabilities for Application Lifecycle Management

With Visual Studio Online developers are empowered to manage their source code and work tracking in the cloud. In this video, you’ll learn about these and other capabilities of VSO such as load testing and build, getting introduced to the full capabilities of the cloud service

Introducing Agile Portfolio Management in Team Foundation Server

With Agile Portfolio Management in Team Foundation Server 2013 organizations can manage goals and requirements that can span multiple teams and sprints. In this video, Gregg Boer will show how the feature works out-of-the-box and explore what customization can be applied to further align its capability with your business process

Introducing Application Lifecycle Management using Visual Studio 2013

Delivering high-quality, modern applications requires modern application lifecycle management tools and processes. In this video, Brian Keller walks you through Microsoft’s application lifecycle management offerings and how these will enable your software development teams to be more productive and to collaborate more effectively

Find agile software development features in Visual Studio

Premium 2013 with MSDN

Designed for efficient team development, Visual Studio Premium with MSDN lets you adopt agile practices at your own pace, so your team can accomplish more, faster.

  • Collaborate and archive your team’s collective knowledge with Team Room
  • Deliver value regularly and predictably
  • Visualize your team’s progress
  • Use Agile Portfolio Management
  • Use test tools for a variety of testing styles
  • Receive the MSDN Subscription level for Visual Studio Premium
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Test Professional 2013 with MSDN

Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN integrates testers, product managers, and other stakeholders directly into the development process.

  • Conduct, record, and repeat manual tests
  • Use Test Case Management
  • Deliver value regularly and predictably
  • Create and manage lab environments
  • Capture requirements from the business team
  • Integrate the customer view
  • Receive the MSDN Subscription level for Visual Studio Test Professional
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