Application Insights

Application Insights (Preview)

Know whether your applications are available and performing to your expectations even before your customers do

Application Insights is a new cloud-based service that collects rich operational, performance, and customer usage information from server and client/device applications – whether they run on-premises, in Microsoft Azure, a third-party cloud provider, or a combination of all three. With this “360 degree view” into the availability, performance, and usage of your applications and services, you can quickly detect availability and performance problems, pinpoint their root cause, and connect yourself to a rich diagnostic experience in Visual Studio. And by knowing what your customers are doing with your application, you get the insights to continuously improve your applications and prioritize investments.



  • Create realistic simulations of user interactions with your website and use them to monitor your app from around the world.
  • Get a glimpse into how your application is behaving behind the scenes and pinpoint bottlenecks with rich dashboards that allow you to drill into potential issues.


  • Get alerted automatically whenever your application is not responding properly according to your thresholds.



  • Cut through the noise to identify actual issues and take actionable response. Get advanced diagnostics functionality directly linked to your Visual Studio development environment.
  • Use Application Insights in development, test, and integration environments to detect complex issues introduced by a particular release.


  • Become smarter about your application by learning from live data through rich dashboards.
  • Every development team becomes armed to get world usage data from their customers.


Reporting in Application Insights is focused on two areas: dashboards and dynamic reports.

Dashboards provide ‘out of the box,’ pre-configured insights and enables you to configure a view that is unique to your application, organization, or environment to gain an at-a-glance overview of the key aspects for your applications and services.

Dynamic reports present consolidated views of data, enabling you to see what is happening across multiple aspects of the application.  By drilling into the report, you can gain detailed insight into the application or service to help you determine root causes, plan for handling additional user load, and investigate application or service behaviors at specific points in time.


Application Insights in Visual Studio

You can enable analytics to all your new apps right from your Visual Studio IDE by installing the Application Insights Tools for Visual Studio. When an exception occurs or the application fails an availability test, Application Insights takes you directly to the offending line of code that is causing the exception in production. This integration with Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 helps you reduce the mean time to resolution for issues your application encounters.
Application Insights in Visual Studio

Focusing your future work

With Application Insights, answering the question about “what’s next” becomes an exercise in analyzing performance and usage data. Application insights helps you to understand what users are doing, where they are succeeding, and which platforms matter the most to them. By instrumenting your application, you can capture data that will provide you with customer insights to focus your continuous improvement efforts for more impact.

Focusing your future work

Find Application Insights

Application Insights is making a transition from being part of Visual Studio Online to being one of the services offered in Microsoft Azure. For now, you can choose between the two versions.

Visual Studio Online Basic

Application Insights is available as a free preview through all Visual Studio Online user plans.

Use this version if you're developing Windows Phone or Windows Store apps, or if you're monitoring a Java web service.

Visual Studio Online Basic

Microsoft Azure Preview

Application Insights is now offered as a service in Microsoft Azure Preview. You can monitor both the client and server sides of your web application. It can be hosted on-premises or in Microsoft Azure.

Go for this version if you're developing a web application.

Microsoft Azure Preview