Architecture Modeling

Architecture and Modeling

Simplify the development of complex applications

Architecture and modeling tools will help you explore, visualize, and communicate large code bases, define and enforce the architecture of your solution, create models for software design, and communicate user requirements. With Visual Studio Ultimate, you can create models at different levels of detail including UML Diagrams, Architecture and Layer Diagrams, Dependency Graphs, and Code Maps, to comprehensively manage the development of complex applications.

Visualize the Architecture

Architecture Explorer

  • Generate robust visuals to clarify the matrix of dependencies and nodes in a solution
  • Explore solutions, projects, classes, and methods to understand your software and preserve or improve its quality
  • Quickly and accurately communicate complex architectures to existing and new team members

UML® 2.0 Compliant Diagrams

  • Illustrate a complex system’s functionality and requirements using industry-standard visualizations and terminology
  • Provide transparency to the team of complex system design and architecture with Activity, Use Case, Sequence, Class, and Component diagrams
  • Express detailed object properties and specific system behaviors and interactions

Dependency Graphs

  • Detect potential problems in your software architecture
  • Increase the quality and flexibility of your code base
  • Provide your team members with needed insights when adding new code or diagnosing issues
  • Manage external dependencies in your projects by viewing and exploring assemblies or binaries
  • Create specific dependency visualization graphs to validate system architectures

Validate the Architecture

Architecture Validation

  • Protect your organization’s investment in architecture and design by ensuring compliant implementation
  • Provide continuous guidance to help teams develop maintainable code and avoid technical debt
  • Pair with gated check-in to reinforce standards for each team member and prevent integration of non-compliant changes

Architecture and Layer Diagram

  • Refine your software architecture by logically grouping namespaces, projects, classes, and other artifacts
  • See existing dependencies between layers to understand reuse opportunities, keeping your code base more maintainable
  • Attach specifications or plans to a layer by linking documents, such as Word files or PowerPoint presentations
  • Quickly locate dependencies or conflicts that could violate your software design requirements

Visualizing the Code

Code Map

  • Use Code Maps with Debugger Integration to visualize code execution
  • Find method names and relationships while working in the code
  • Navigate to the references in your code for methods
  • Add or drag nodes and comments for improved code visualization

Understanding your code using Code Map

With Code Map Developers can gain better understanding of their source code through visualization of relationships. In this video, Andrew Bragdon will introduce you to Code Map and show you how to visualize and navigate complex code in your projects

Using layer diagrams to design and validate your architecture

In Visual Studio, developers can validate their projects source code against a layer model diagram. In this video, you’ll get a demo of how this feature works and can be used to ensure that your components implement the intended architecture

Improving architecture through modeling

Visual Studio provides developers and architects modeling capabilities to help them build even the most complex software. In this video, you’ll learn how our modeling tools can help improve and maintain your software architecture as part of your development lifecycle

Find architecture and modeling features in Visual Studio

Ultimate 2013 with MSDN

Created for enterprise-class development, Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN helps your team handle demanding requirements like high availability, performance, scale, and complexity.

  • Quickly get the information you need, in context
  • Use IntelliTrace for historical debugging, even in production
  • Test to ensure scalability and performance in production
  • Visualize the structure of an application with UML diagrams
  • Describe and enforce architectural dependencies
  • Use tools to understand the relationships in existing code
  • Receive the MSDN Subscription level for Visual Studio Ultimate.
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