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Detect, triage and diagnose issues in your web apps and services with interactive analytics and out-of-the-box insights over your app data.
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Chart: Total Failed Requests vs. in US, Number of Exceptions and Server Requests. Application Performance Monitoring. APM

Application performance monitoring

Measure performance, discover failures

Use real time metrics to understand request load, server performance counters and response times across dependencies for your web applications, quickly identify bottlenecks. Identify trends and optimize application performance with multi-dimensional analyses over standard or custom metrics. Diagnose exceptions and failed requests, correlating them with events and traces to simplify your root cause analysis. Make the right investments in your application by gaining the right insights.

Interactive data analytics

Ad-hoc queries and deep diagnostics

Ad-hoc queries over your application data let you ask probing questions about your app performance and behavior and get instantaneous results to discover the root cause of problems and deep understanding of user behavior. Interactive queries and full-text search makes finding the information you need quick and easy.
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Proactive detection

Machine learning based anomaly detection

Get the most out of your application performance management (APM) solution by leveraging the power of machine learning to continually analyze your application telemetry data. By learning your application’s normal behavior, Application Insights can automatically detect service degradations or disruptions. You can receive notifications and alerts that help you respond to issues at the speed your customers demand.

Azure diagnostics

Diagnose application issues

Proactively detect and diagnose role life cycle issues (recycle, hung, not started), affecting your applications or cloud services. For apps running on VMs (Windows or Linux), track performance issues that might affect your application in the same screen as your application performance data.


Graphic of the DevOps Lifecyle

DevOps lifecycle

Bring application performance data into existing workflows

Diagnose problems right from within your development environment and incorporate monitoring in existing ALM/DevOps processes. In Visual Studio 2015, search over events from within the IDE, uncover production problems and track proactive alerts. With Request and Exception Explorer drill down into issues and use the telemetry information as a code navigation aide. With Visual Studio Team Services, view deployment annotations from Release Management in Application Insights and correlate changes in performance with builds. Investigate performance changes with synthetic loads using Cloud Load Testing and integrate detected bugs and work items with Work Item Tracking.

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Any language. Any web platform.

Application Insights comes as part of Visual Studio, with automatic instrumentation for ASP.NET developers. You get vital application telemetry data out of the box, including usage, exceptions, requests, performance and logs. Enable monitoring for Azure app services and virtual machines directly using the Azure portal or install Status Monitor on your ASP.NET web server to get performance monitoring without needing to update code and redeploy your application.
Monitor web apps written in languages like Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.JS, etc. with open source SDKs on GitHub.