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Git and Team Services

Last Updated: 8/4/2016

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Git and Team Services

Host your code in Team Services with Git repos. Work together with your team in Git to share, review, and publish your project code using proven Git pull request team workflows.

Get started using Git

Get up and running with Git and Team Services in just a few minutes with the Git quick start.

The Team Services Git Tutorial walks you through using Git step-by-step in Visual Studio or the command line.

Content summary

Use with credential managersCreate and remove reposCreate pull requests
Authenticate with SSHSet permissionsLink work items to pull requests
Share code with Visual StudioSet up continuous integrationPrevent build breaks
Share code with XcodeLink work itemsUse Git workflows
Share code with EclipseSet up branch policies

Connect and share code

Connect to Team Services from anywhere

If you have a project ready to share in Team Services, our getting started guides take you through the steps to connect your development environment and share code with your team.

You can connect to Team Services from any platform and development environment using cross-platform credential managers or SSH public key authentication.

Manage your development

Manage your code and repos from the web

Manage your repos and customize your team's workflow. Set up permissions to control access to your code and set up branch policies and continuous integration to prevent build breaks and catch bugs sooner.

Review code with pull requests

Review code with pull requests in Team Services and TFS

Review proposed changes with your team and make sure that code builds and passes tests before it's merged into your project.

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