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Add team project members in Visual Studio Team Services

Last Updated: 8/4/2016

Team Services

Add members to your team project in Visual Studio Team Services, so you can share code and work with others, create backlog items and bugs, track team status, and more. For Team Foundation Server, learn how to add team project members here.

When you add team project members, Visual Studio Team Services assigns them next available access level in this order: Basic, Stakeholder. Access levels control which features are visible to members.

To manually assign access levels, add users to your account instead. To control access to account resources, add permissions or restrict permissions.

  1. If you haven't already, sign in to your Visual Studio Team Services account (https://{youraccount}

    You'll need project administrator, project collection administrator, or account owner permissions.

  2. If you don't have one already, create your team project first.

  3. On your account overview page, select your team project. To find your team project, use Browse.

    On your account overview page, click your team project

  4. Invite members to your empty team project.

    On your team project home page, click Invite a friend

    Or invite them to an existing team.

    On your team project page, click Manage team members

  5. Add your team members.

    Click Add

  6. Enter their sign-in addresses or display names, one at a time or all at the same time.

    Add members' sign-in addresses or display names

    They're now added to your team project.

    Members added to your team project

    Each team member gets an invitation email that links to your Visual Studio Team Services account. They can use this link to sign in to your account and find your team project.

    First-time members might be asked for extra details when they sign in to personalize their experience.

    New members are asked for Visual Studio profile details

    Need help?



Q: Why can't I add more team members to my Visual Studio Team Services account?

A: Visual Studio Team Services is free for the first 5 users with Basic access and also for unlimited Stakeholders and Visual Studio subscribers. After you assign all 5 free users with Basic access, you can continue adding Stakeholders and Visual Studio subscribers, or you can set up billing to pay for more users with Basic access.

Q: Why did some users lose access to certain features?

A: This might happen for various reasons. For example, if they're Visual Studio subscribers, their subscriptions might be expired.

Q: Why can't some users sign in?

A: This might happen because users must sign in with Microsoft accounts unless your Visual Studio Team Services account controls access with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). If your account is connected to Azure AD, users must be directory members to get access.

How do I find out if my account uses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)? If you're an Azure AD administrator, you can add users to the directory. If you're not, work with the directory administrator to add them. Learn how to control account access with Azure AD.

Q: How do I remove users from my Visual Studio Team Services account?

A: Learn how to delete users across all team projects in your Visual Studio Team Services account. If you paid for more users, but don't need their account access anymore, you must reduce your paid users to avoid charges.

Q: Why don't users appear or disappear promptly in Team Services after I add or delete them in the Users hub?

A: If you experience delays finding users or having them promptly removed from Team Services, like in drop-down lists and Team Services groups, after you add or delete them through the Users Hub, please report a bug at Microsoft Connect so that we can investigate.

Q: How do I find the account owner?

If you have at least Basic access, you can find the account owner in your account settings.

  1. Sign in to your Team Services account (https://{youraccount}, if you haven't already.

  2. Go to your account's control panel.

    Go to account control panel

  3. Go to your account settings.

    Go to settings

Q: How do I find a project collection administrator?

A: If you have at least Basic access, and your account has a project collection administrator, you can find them here:

  1. Sign in to your Team Services account (https://{youraccount}

  2. Go to your account's control panel.

    Go to account control panel

  3. Go to your account's security settings. View your project collection administrators.

    Go to account security settings, Project Collection Administrators, Members

Q: How do I get help or support for Team Services?

A: Try the Team Services forum or Team Services Support.

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