Visual Studio Team Services Features Timeline

Last Update: 5/11/2017

Features under development

This feature list is a peek into our roadmap. It identifies some of the significant features we are currently working on and a rough timeframe for when you can expect to see them. It is not comprehensive but is intended to provide some visibility into key investments. Most features are linked to a blog post and/or UserVoice entry where you can learn more and comment. These features and dates are the current plans at this time and are subject to change. The “Planned Date” reflects when the feature will be available on VSTS and the “Server” column reflects when it will be available in TFS on-premises, if applicable.

Planned Date Feature Server
2017 Q1 Work Items – Delivery Plan 2017.2
2017 Q1 Work Items – Delivery Plan Field-level Filtering 2017.2
2017 Q1 Work Items – Mobile Web 2017.2
2017 Q1 TFVC support in IntelliJ --
2017 Q1 Git – Tags view 2017.2
2017 Q1 Git – Commit graph 2017.2
2017 Q1 Package management support for Maven packages TBD
2017 Q1 Release Management Improvements - Artifact defaults, Branch Conditions, Schedules 2017.2
2017 Q1 Build improvements – Conditional tasks 2017.2
2017 Q1 Build - New CI editor and templates 2017.2
2017 Q1 On-demand testing from test hub 2017.2
2017 Q1 Improved Notifications experience 2017.2
2017 Q1 Notifications - multiple recipients on the same email 2017.2
2017 Q1 Improved user management and invitation experience TBD
2017 Q1 Encryption at rest --
2017 Q2 VSTS Work Item Process – Rules --
2017 Q2 VSTS Work Item Process – Identity fields --
2017 Q2 VSTS Work Item Process – REST APIs --
2017 Q2 Work Items – Delivery Plan Markers 2017.2
2017 Q2 Work Items – Automatic build linking 2017.2
2017 Q2 Work Items – Query page refresh 2017.2
2017 Q2 Work Items – Markdown support TBD
2017 Q2 Wiki Preview TBD
2017 Q2 Managing licenses for large groups of users using AAD groups --
2017 Q2 TFVC support in VSCode --
2017 Q2 Git – Notifications for pull requests assigned to teams and improved email design 2017.2
2017 Q2 Git – Easily collapse, resolve, and get notifications for comments in pull requests 2017.2
2017 Q2 Code search indexing of Git branches TBD
2017 Q2 Package Management - CI/CD including CI versioning, packages as RM source, packages as RM artifact TBD
2017 Q2 Public preview for cloud reporting experience --
2017 Q2 Package Management - CI/CD integration of package promotion using release views --
2017 Q2 Build improvements – shared variable groups, multi-phase builds TBD
2017 Q2 Parallel testing on multiple agents in a pool in builds and releases TBD
2017 Q2 Private Azure agent pools for Build and RM – provide your own image, we manage the lifetime --
2017 Q2 Azure resources deployments – VM Scale Sets, Azure Functions, Key Vaults --
2017 Q2 Test and Feedback extension for Edge --
2017 Q2 Test Impact Analysis for Manual Testing TBD
2017 Q2 Release management – New editor and templates TBD
2017 Q2 Azure portal continuous delivery improvements – Node, PHP, Python app types and more repos --
2017 Q2 Marketplace – Publisher dashboards, Q & A support, Support for extension versions --
2017 Q2 Azure Deployments - Support for Azure KeyVault, Containers, VMs and VMScale Sets TBD
2017 Q2 Agent-based deployment in Release Management --
2017 Q2 Release Management - Notifications, Branch Awareness TBD
2017 Q3 Multiple accounts per “organization” --
2017 Q3 Package Management – Nuget upstreams --

Current features

The features timeline lists significant features delivered to Visual Studio Team Services and the corresponding version of Team Foundation Server. Versions in the server column are linked to the appropriate download location. You can also view the build numbers for each version.

Service Feature Server
11 May 2017 VM deployment (Public Preview) Future
Azure virtual machine scale set Future
Built-in tasks for building and deploying container based applications Future
Azure Web App deployment updates Future
Install an SSH key during a build or release Future
Retiring the old editor Future
Tasks fail if Visual Studio 2017 is specified but not present on agent Future
Automatic linking from work items to builds Future
Delivery Plans general availability Future
Work item search general availability Future
Updated process customization experience Future
Modify out of the box fields Future
Files hub improvements Future
Git LFS file locking Future
New branch policies configuration experience Future
Share pull requests with teams Future
Default notifications for PR comments Future
Improved team PR notifications Future
New tree view control Future
Maven for Package Management (Public Preview) Future
NuGet Restore, Command, and Tool Installer build tasks Future
Combined email recipients for notifications now enabled by default Future
Out of the box notifications out of preview Future
Enhanced publisher experience in the Marketplace --
Owner and contributor roles can purchase through the Marketplace --
19 Apr 2017 Delivery timeline markers Future
Visualize your git repository Future
Git commit comments use the new discussion control Future
Improved package list Future
Build tool installers Future
SSH deployment improvements Future
Deploy to Azure Government Cloud Future
Timeout enhancements for the Manual Intervention task Future
Release Logs Page Improvements Future
Azure App Service task enhancements and templates for Python and PHP applications Future
Deploy Java to Azure Web Apps Future
Java code coverage enhancements Future
Maven and SonarQube improvements Future
Improved Jenkins integration Future
Google Play extension enhancements --
iOS DevOps enhancements --
Contact extension customers --
Marketplace feedback excluded from ratings --
Reports for Marketplace Publishers --
29 Mar 2017 Work item search for discussions Future
Pull Request filtering by people Future
Reason required when bypassing pull request policies Future
Add and view Git tags Future
Updated Changeset and Shelveset pages Future
Import repositories from TFVC to Git Future
Multiple recipients included on the same email (preview) Future
Conditional build tasks Future
Package Management adds npm READMEs and download button Future
Updated Package Management experience available to all accounts Future
Override template parameters in Azure resource group deployments Future
Continuous Delivery in the Azure portal supports any Git repo Future
Separation of duties for deployment requester and approvers Future
Set maximum number of parallel deployments Future
Q&A support for Marketplace extensions --
Enhancements to display publisher’s terms, license, and privacy policy in Marketplace --
Improved sign-out Future
8 Mar 2017 Delivery Plans field criteria Future
New mobile discussion experience Future
Optimized mobile identity picker Future
Customized backlog levels Future
Custom work item identity fields Future
Pull Request improvements for teams Future
New policy for no active comments Future
Build agent upgrade status Future
Github pull request builds Future
Keep track of your free hosted agent minutes --
Out of the box notifications enabled by default Future
Getting notified when extensions are installed, require attention, and more Future
Release level approvals Future
.NET Core tasks support project files Future
15 Feb 2017 Improved support for team PR notifications Future
Improved CTAs for PR author and reviewers Future
Actionable comments Future
Updates view shows rebase and force push Future
Improved commit filtering Future
Maintenance for working directories Future
Agent selection improvement Future
Run tests using Agent Phases Future
Multiple versions of Extension tasks Future
Extension management permissions and new email notifications Future
Updated Package Management experience Future
Support for AAD conditional access --
Pipelines queue Future
25 Jan 2017 Delivery Plans Future
Mobile work item form preview Future
Build editor preview Future
Repo admin permission changes 2017.1
Branch policy improvements 2017.1
PR comment improvements 2017.1
Discussion control toolbar 2017.1
View PRs for a commit 2017.1
Release views in Package Management 2017.1 upstream now caches packages 2017.1
Run tests built using Visual Studio 2017 2017.1
Track changes to test steps Future
Sorting on work item search results Future
Linking to changelog on the Marketplace --
Release action in Build summary Future
Security for variable groups Future
Web app deployment history in Azure portal Future
5 Jan 2017 New account and project home pages 2017.1
Attachments in PR discussions 2017.1
Support file exclusions in the required reviewer policy 2017.1
Highlight the PRs that have updates 2017.1
Branch policy for PR merge strategy 2017.1
Expose merge conflict information 2017.1
Team Room Deprecation Annoucement 2017.1
New notification settings experience 2017.1
New delivery options for team subscriptions 2017.1
Out of the box notifications (preview) 2017.1
Updated hosted build image --
Firefox support for Test & Feedback extension --
Favorites for Test Plans 2017.1
Test Impact Analysis for managed automated tests 2017.1
SonarQube MSBuild tasks 2017.1
Improved experience for Search results 2017.1
Release Management parallel execution 2017.1
Inline service endpoints --
Multiple release triggers with branch and tag filters 2017.1
Set defaults for artifact sources in RM 2017.1
Variable groups support in RM 2017.1
23 Nov 2016 Search for commits in branches 2017.1
Search for a file or folder in commit history 2017.1
Follow a pull request 2017.1
Restart pull request merge 2017.1
Completion blocked on rejected pull requests 2017.1
Markdown in pull request description 2017.1
Task versioning for Build and Release definitions 2017.1
Hosted Linux pool preview --
Build and deploy Docker apps to Azure more easily --
New licensing model for Build and Release Management Future
NuGet + Credential Provider Bundle updated --
Delete test artifacts 2017.1
Inline service connections in Build and Release --
Link build artifacts from another team project 2017.1
16 Nov 2016 Package Management General Availability --
Release Management General Availability --
TFS Database Import Service --
Work Item Search public preview Future
2 Nov 2016 Package Management in India and Brazil --
Microsoft Teams integration Future
Repo Favorites 2017.1
Rollback build definitions 2017.1
Disable the sync and checkout of sources in a build 2017.1
Docker extension enhancements --
.NET Core build task 2017.1
Build and release management templates 2017.1
ASP.NET Core and NodeJs deployments 2017.1
Azure Web App Service manage task 2017.1
Release Management available in multiple regions --
REST client helpers for Test Step operations 2017.1
Test case description in Web runner 2017.1
12 Oct 2016 New navigation on by default 2017.1
Cherry-pick and revert 2017.1
Commit page improvements 2017.1
Configurable compare branch 2017.1
Find a file or folder 2017.1
Suggested value in work item pick lists Future
Xcode 8 Signing and Exporting Packages in the Xcode Build Task 2017.1
FindBugs in the Gradle build task 2017.1
Email support for AAD groups --
Multiple schedules in releases 2017.1
Azure resource group improvements --
Azure CLI task --
Simplified Azure endpoint creation --
Test & Feedback extension general availability --
Visual Studio subscribers automatically use their free license --
21 Sep 2016 Attachments live preview 2017.1
Work item type layout improvements 2017.1
Disable work item types Future
Import Repository 2017.1
Markdown preview button 2017.1
Confirmation for deleting repos 2017.1
Add .gitignore during repo creation 2017.1
Verify bugs from work item 2017.1
Xcode Build task xcpretty formatting 2017.1
Publish Jenkins test and code coverage results 2017.1
Build summary for Maven and Gradle tasks 2017.1
FindBugs and CheckStyle in Maven build tasks 2017.1
Deployment status widget 2017.1
2 Sep 2016 Custom work item types Future
Work item history tab 2017
Managing a NuGet package’s lifecycle 2017
Build queue tab 2017
Hosted build pool build agent migration 2017
Xamarin license step removed 2017
Jenkins with untrusted SSL certificates 2017
Apple App Store extension 2017
Request Feedback 2017
Checkstyle static analysis 2017
Deployment manual intervention 2017
Service endpoint improvements 2017
SQL database deployment task 2017
User lifecycle management improvements --
17 Aug 2016 Pull Request improvements:
Redesigned UI
Comments, now with markdown and emoji
Auto-complete pull requests waiting on policies
Clone Git repositories from your browser using Tower 2017
Download packages without NuGet 2017
Packages: Get started quickly 2017
Queue Jenkins jobs from builds and releases 2017
Jenkins service hook enhancements 2017
Run SSH commands on remote machines from builds and releases 2017
Create archives from builds and releases 2017
Copy files over SSH from builds and releases 2017
Download Jenkins artifacts to builds and releases 2017
Use FTP or FTPS to upload files from builds and releases 2017
Google Play Extension improvements --
Maven and Gradle tasks produce a build summary when running a SonarQube analysis --
Work item templates 2017
Quickly “Unfollow” work item 2017
Drag and drop attachments 2017
Assigned to Me widget 2017
Dashboard permissions 2017
Configure test outcomes for tests across different test suites 2017
Test Run and Test Result summary - traceability to Releases and manual test artifacts 2017
Unpublish extension - Removing a public extension from the Marketplace --
Rate Limits – Delaying user requests to avoid outages --
29 Jul 2016 Git and TFVC – History view and diff view updates 2017
Restrict Package Management feed creation 2017
Release management improvements – Azure deployments, release policies:
Agent queue management
Azure deployments
Policies – Soft delete releases
Policies – Retention of releases and builds
Release definition authoring improvements – linked artifacts improvements
Release – redeploy after success
Test traceability and release environments support in Test History 2017
Exploratory testing improvements – view unexplored work items, capture web page load data 2017
Dashboard improvements 2017
Java PMD analysis in Gradle build task 2017
User management – export users and licenses --
Backlog extension points 2017
7 Jul 2016 Resizable WIT charts on dashboards 2017
Filter boards to a parent work item 2017
Links front and center 2017
Test settings configuration for Kanban board 2017
Comment tracking for pull requests 2017
Browse Code Coverage reports in the web 2017
Maven and Gradle tasks produce a build summary when running a SonarQube analysis 2017
Agent queue role-based security 2017
Task-level time-outs 2017
Import/Export/Clone release definition 2017
Web app deployment using ARM 2017
Partially successful deployments 2017
View and download attachments associated with releases 2017
Github artifacts for RM 2017
.NET SQL Extension 2017
Image action log in Web Test runner 2017
Order tests in Test hub 2017
Pick a build to test with 2017
17 Jun 2016 Git & TFVC – Browsing branches 2017
Git & TFVC – Ahead/behind 2017
Git & TFVC – Branch picker includes “Mine” 2017
Git & TFVC – Path control 2017
Git & TFVC – File type icons 2017
Work Items – An improved header 2017
Work Items – Custom states 2017
Exploratory Testing – Insights 2017
Exploratory Testing – Auto stop screen recordings 2017
Screen recording support in Web runner (for Chrome) 2017
Bugs filed as children – Web runner / Exploratory testing extension 2017
Test – History across branches 2017
Test – Automated testing for SCVMM and VMWare 2017
Release – Test status visibility 2017
Release – Support Java PMD analysis in Maven build task 2017
Release – Passing oauth tokens to scripts 2017
Build – Enable path filters for Git CI triggers 2017
Build – Updated hosted pool software 2017
Dashboards – Resizable query results widget 2017
Third-party plugins – Jenkins plug-in to RM 2017
Marketplace – Publisher review responses 2017
Team Rooms – Build vNext support 2017
6 Jun 2016 Brazil region for Visual Studio Team Services --
1 Jun 2016 Filtering in Kanban board 2017
Process configuration REST APIs 2017
Dashboards REST APIs 2017
SSH clients can connect to Git repos 2015.3
Redesigned Branches page 2017
Create and send links to specific sections of code 2017
API updates for package management 2017
Screenshot and system info support in Chrome Web runner 2017
Ordering of tests in Test Hub 2017
Docker integration for build and release management 2017
SonarQube results in pull request view 2017
Test results trend for build 2017
Service hooks for release management 2017
TeamCity artifacts for release management 2017
Release Management Client SDK 2017
6 May 2016 Email improvements 2017
Checkbox control 2017
Work Item page management --
Turning board annotations on/off 2017
Clear Formatting command 2017
Dashboard updates 2017
Adding attachments during manual testing 2017
Test plan/suite columns 2017
Build and release summary updates 2017
Release Management repository linking 2017
Copy, Export, and Import release definitions 2017
Schedule based deployments 2017
Release Management REST APIs 2017
Simplified Release definition wizard 2017
New Release Management job execution variables 2017
Improved build and pull request traceability 2017
Team Project rename permission 2017
Admin settings Work hub 2017
UX improvements 2017
13 Apr 2016 Follow a work item 2017
Change work item type Future
Work Item move (single or bulk) Future
Kanban board live updates 2017
Pick lists for work Items 2017
Checklist improvements 2017
Build to Line number 2017
Build log view supports much larger logs 2017
Java Build templates 2017
Xamarin Build Tasks 2017
Widget SDK: Reusable CSS and DOM templates 2015.3
Adding users from the team members widget 2015.3
Collection in the domain --
Release Management - Email release summary 2017
Release Management – Dashboard widget for release definition summary 2017
Release Management - Deploy based on conditions in multiple environments 2017
Release Management - Provision VMs or run a PS script using SCVMM extension 2017
24 Mar 2016 Commit traceability 2017
View Git LFS files in the web 2017
Git for Windows now includes Team Services authentication by default --
Custom multiline text fields Future
Test progress from your cards 2017
Capture screen recordings 2017
Queue a Run by specifying your test suite 2017
Configuration management in the Test Hub 2017
Enable build result extensions to specify order and column 2017
Configure status API reporting for a build definition 2017
Tab contribution point 2017
3 Mar 2016 View test results for each release environment 2015.2
Triggers: Deploy based on completion in multiple environments (join) 2017
Epic and Feature board drill-down 2017
Exploratory testing directly from a work item 2017
Data collection: Image action log 2017
Create test cases based on Image action log data 2017
Assigning configurations to test plans, test suites and test cases 2017
Squash merge pull requests 2017
Clone in IntelliJ, Android Studio, etc. --
Gated builds for Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) 2015.2
Automated testing on Azure environments --
NuGet package delist --
Office connector --
16 Feb 2016 Package management is now available in Europe and Australia --
Search for extensions on Visual Studio Marketplace --
Work item query charts in the dashboard catalog 2015.2
Cumulative flow diagram widget 2015.2
Flexible build policy for Git 2015.2
SonarQube Quality Gates in Build 2015.2
RM: UI extensibility 2015.2
SCVMM support --
Exploratory Testing improvements 2015.2
Azure SQL Database Deployment task --
Delete Test Plan 2015.2
#mention 2015.2
Keyboard shortcuts for Kanban board 2015.2
25 Jan 2016 Public preview of the dashboard widget SDK --
Create branch and links to related artifacts 2015.2
Build widgets in the catalog 2015.2
Markdown widget with file from repository 2015.2
Auto-refresh dashboards 2015.2
Richer visualizations in the build summary page 2015.2
View passed test results and file bugs in build summary page 2015.2
Test summary in build status notification email 2015.2
Support for editing tags in the bulk edit dialog 2015.2
Deleting a custom field Future
Keyboard shortcuts 2015.2
Test plan improvements 2015.2
Exploratory testing improvements 2015.2
Release orchestration improvements --
UI extensibility for release management --
Search scope selector 2017
Search across Git and TFVC projects 2017
10 Dec 2015 Custom work item fields Future
Work item discussion Future
Work item history improvements Future
Deleting work items 2015.2
Dashboards edit mode 2015.2
Keyboard shortcuts 2015.2
On-Premises support for Exploratory Testing extension: --
Scope code search using path filters 2015.2
24 Nov 2015 Git and TFVC in the same team project 2015.1
Package Management build tasks 2015.2
Implement a task once for multiple platforms 2015.2
Pull Request Widget for Dashboards 2015.2
@mention and #ID in code 2015.2
Reordering cards on boards 2015.2
Global shortcut keys 2015.2
18 Nov 2015 Extensions and Marketplace --
Release Management public preview --
Package Management public preview --
Code Search public preview --
Test Results in Build 2015.2
Exploratory Testing extension --
Test Manager extension --
30 Oct 2015 Dashboards 2015.1
Improved pull request experience 2015.1
Manual test iteration results 2015.1
Retention policy for test results 2015.1
Reorder and re-parent tasks from the Kanban board 2015.1
PREVIEW: New Work Item form 2017
8 Oct 2015 Azure Active Directory Group support --
Starting with Git, made easy 2015.1
Improved commit details 2015.1
SonarQube analysis from a Maven build task 2015.1
PREVIEW: New Work Item form 2017
18 Sep 2015 Inline tasks on the Kanban board 2015.1
Query and display of Kanban fields 2015.1
Multi-select items on the backlog 2015.1
Branch policy to require linked work items 2015.1
Export test outcomes 2015.1
Work item trend and rollup reporting in Power BI Future
Support for publishing xUnit results 2015.1
26 Aug 2015 Rename columns in place 2015.1
Choosing users for capacity planning 2015.1
Burndown with available capacity 2015.1
SonarQube analysis build tasks 2015.1
7 Aug 2015 Multi-select items on the product backlog 2015.1
Reorder cards when changing columns 2015.1
Color tags and titles on your cards 2015.1
Libraries for integrating with Visual Studio Team Services now available at --
22 Jul 2015 Power BI reporting on Work Item data Future
17 Jul 2015 Multiple activities per team member 2015.1
Configure settings directly from backlogs/boards 2015.1
Hide empty fields on cards 2015.1
Card coloring on Taskboard 2015.1
Drag any item to an iteration from anywhere 2015.1
Build your projects hosted in GitHub --
New Visual Studio Team Services integrations --
7 Jul 2015 Card coloring on Kanban board 2015.1
Personal access tokens 2017
Adding work directly to a sprint 2015.1
3 Jun 2015 Kanban swim lanes 2015
#Mention work items 2015.1
Automated testing in Build vNext 2015.1
Team settings API 2015
15 May 2015 Build vNext 2015
Backlog navigation update 2015
Opt-in to portfolio backlogs 2015
Improved SAFe support 2015
Kanban collapsed columns 2015
Git branch policies 2015
Power BI & VSO --
11 May 2015 Application Insights:
iOS and Android support
Performance counters for Java applications
Unhandled exceptions in Java apps
Drag-across to select a time range
8 May 2015 Australia region for Visual Studio Team Services --
29 April 2015 Application Insights Public Commercial Preview --
29 April 2015 Extensions 2015.2
27 Apr 2015 Adding fields to cards 2015
Kanban board filtering 2015
Card options on the Taskboard 2015
Account restore --
24 Apr 2015 Team Project Rename 2015
22 Apr 2015 Application Insights:
Synthetic data filtering
New usage experience for ASP.NET, Java and other applications
Daily Active User calculations
17 Apr 2015 CodeLens General Availability on Visual Studio Team Services --
10 Apr 2015 Configure cards 2015
Markdown editing for definition of done 2015
CFD options 2015
Web history view for Git projects 2015
27 Mar 2015 Application Insights: Save search page, pause export and export on alert fail --
10 Mar 2015 Current iteration query token 2015
Reordering on the Kanban board 2015
Kanban definition of done 2015
Responsive card sizes 2015
Bugs on the Taskboard 2015
Syntax highlight for XML, Sass, Objective-C, R 2015
CodeLens for accounts in West Europe --
9 Mar 2015 Application Insights support for Java --
18 Feb 2015 Adding and editing directly from the board 2015
Split columns on the Kanban board 2015
Assign multiple people to test suites 2015
Application Insights in the Azure Preview Portal --
13 Feb 2015 Limited preview for Code Search --
29 Jan 2015 Application Insights support for Windows Phone and Windows Store Applications --
27 Jan 2015 Basic license upgraded 2015
Reordering on the Taskboard 2015
Unparented Tasks on the Taskboard 2015
Inline editing on the Kanban board 2015
15 Jan 2015 VS Online ISO 27001 Certification --
17 Dec 2014 Quick code editing 2015
Filtering on backlogs and queries 2015
Sprint backlog and task board improvements 2015
New integrations: Slack and Azuqua --
Preview APIs for adding and updating files in source control 2015
CodeLens for Visual Studio Team Services --
11 Dec 2014 Application Insights Status Monitor and SDK updates --
Application Insights includes telemetry export and segmentation editing --
2 Dec 2014 Identity control and avatars 2015
Pull Request improvements 2015
Taskboard changes 2015
Kanban board persisted column headers 2015
Sharing personal queries 2015
12 Nov 2014 Release Management Preview as Visual Studio Team Services service --
4 Nov 2014 Bugs on the backlog 2013.4
Test execution charts 2013.4
Recent test results 2013.4
Preview Markdown and HTML files in Code Explorer 2015
Browse link dialog 2013.4
REST batch support 2015
Third-party OAuth scopes 2015
28 Oct 2014 European Datacenter --
Visual Studio Team Services REST API version 1.0 is here --
Service hooks is out of preview --
14 Oct 2014 Test artifacts as work items 2013.3
Copy and paste query results 2013.4
23 Sep 2014 Maximizing text area fields 2013.4
Navigating to links 2013.4
Work item performance improvements 2013.4
4 Sep 2014 Work Item query improvements 2013.4
Quick search through tree controls 2013.4
Longer trend charts 2015
Test Cases related to Test Suites 2013.4
WIT REST API v1.2 2015
Event and resource versioning within service hooks --
27 Aug 2014 A license for Stakeholders 2013.4
18 Aug 2014 Project Welcome pages 2015
Tagging support in the Test Hub 2013.4
21 Jul 2014 Using corporate identities with existing accounts --
Viewing existing projects in the Azure Preview Portal --
Trend charts + aggregation 2013.4
Test Hub added to the Advanced License --
Deleting your account --
1 Jul 2014 Hiding work in progress on the backlog 2013.3
Full Screen on the backlog and boards 2013.4
Move to position on the backlog 2013.4
10 Jun 2014 Pull Requests 2013.4
20 May 2014 Using corporate identities --
Copy/Paste shared parameter data between VS Online and Excel 2013.3
End of data export period --
12 May 2014 Integrate with Visual Studio Team Services --
Service Migration with OpsHub --
3 Apr 2014 General Availability of Visual Studio Team Services --
Application Insights Limited Preview --
Shared Parameters for Test Cases 2013.2
18 Mar 2014 Getting started with Application Insights --
Search across your application trace logs --
28 Feb 2014 Build support for Java code managed in Git 2013.2
Java JDK, Ant, and Maven libraries preinstalled in hosted build --
Maven support for TF version control projects 2013
10 Feb 2014 Exporting test artifacts 2013.2
New “create tags” permission 2013.2
22 Jan 2014 Querying tags 2013.2
Removing weekends from the Burndown 2013.2
Configurable CFD dates 2013.2
11 Dec 2013 Application Insights - Response Stacked Distribution --
Application Insights - Windows Store App support --
Asynchronous backlogs 2013.2
13 Nov 2013 Commercial preview --
Application Insights limited preview --
Live editing of Windows Azure sites --
8 Nov 2013 Work item chart pinning 2013.2
21 Oct 2013 New account and project pages 2013.2
17 Oct 2013 Build images updated to VS 2013 --
30 Sep 2013 New languages supported for code syntax highlighting 2013.2
Color picking in charts 2013.2
Column options for the test case grid view 2013.2
9 Sep 2013 Work item charts 2013
Bulk edit of test cases 2013
Delete a team project 2013
Work items from code discussion 2013
19 Aug 2013 Improved code commenting 2013
29 Jul 2013 Improved permission management for Git repos 2013
Team room Git push events 2013
Deleting team rooms 2013
10 Jul 2013 Backlog mapping 2013
Team permission changes 2013
26 Jun 2013 Windows 8.1 support in hosted build --
Paste images into work items in the web 2013
Open Microsoft Test Runner from web 2013
19 Jun 2013 Agile Portfolio Management updates - view filter and quick decompose 2013
Open MTM from web 2013
Admin panel color change 2013
3 Jun 2013 Agile Portfolio Management 2013
Lightweight code commenting 2013
Team Room 2013
Create/modify test plans through Web UI 2013
Cloud load testing --
28 May 2013 Build IaaS --
Git alerts 2013
Backlog updates - name changed to "backlogs" and now backlogs show all items until they reach the completed state 2013
13 May 2013 Work item colors based on process template settings 2013
Usability updates - icon updates and sentence casing 2013
Navigation updates in Web UI, including ability to view past iterations 2013
Git multi-repo support 2013
22 Mar 2013 Branches view for Git 2013
TCM Improvements - bulk edit test step pass/fail, double click test step reorder, hover over inline images 2013
4 Mar 2013 Customizable Kanban columns 2012.2
TCM improvements - edit test steps when running tests 2012.2
Annotate/Blame for version control 2012.2
Scheduled builds for Git-based projects 2013
11 Feb 2013 Continuous Integration for Git 2013
TCM improvements - view test step attachments when running tests, add attachments when running tests, pause and resume tests in Test Runner 2012.2
WIT tagging cleanup for unused tags 2012.2
Download as Zip for version control 2012.2
30 Jan 2013 Work item tagging 2012.2
Git support 2013
Test Hub in Web UI 2012.2
21 Jan 2013 Changeset context menu in Web UI 2012.2
9 Jan 2013 Account rename of Team Foundation Service account --
7 Jan 2013 Email work items from backlog 2012.2
Search for changesets by ID in Web UI 2012.2
Full screen mode for code viewing 2012.2
Inline diff of images in version control 2012.2
Collapsible left pane in all left panels in Web UI 2012.2
10 Dec 2012 Renamed Source to Code in Web UI hub 2012.2
Code Explorer updates in Web UI 2012.2
Hosted build updates for Azure SDK 1.8, TypeScript 0.8.1, and VS 2012 Update 1 --
19 Nov 2012 Send work items in email from TFS web access 2012.2
Build file counts and sizes in summary reports 2012.2
31 Oct 2012 General availability of Team Foundation Service --
29 Oct 2012 Build drops --
8 Oct 2012 400 character server paths for version control 2012.1
17 Sep 2012 Drag/drop in sprint planning to assign to person or activity 2012.1
Web usability improvements (tabs and UX modified, collapse left pane in work items) 2012.1
Process template updates to Agile 6.1 and Scrum 2.1 2012.1
27 Aug 2012 Improved source browsing, viewing, and searching 2012.1
Improved source "diff" 2012.1
Hosted builds of SharePoint components --
Basic authentication support --
13 Aug 2012 Kanban board 2012.1
Cumulative Flow Diagram 2012.1
WIP Limits 2012.1
6 Aug 2012 Drag/drop in task board to move tasks between people and stories 2012.1
Azure continuous deployment summary report 2012.1

Server Build Numbers

Release Build
2017 RTM 15.105.25910.0
2015.3 14.102.25423.00
2015.2 14.95.25122.00
2015.1 14.0.24720.00
2015 RTM 14.0.23128.00*
2013.4 12.0.31101.00
2013.3 12.0.30723.00
2013.2 12.0.30324.00
2013 RTM 12.0.21005.01
2012.3 11.0.60610.01
2012.2 11.0.60315.01
2012.1 11.0.51106.01
2012 RTM 11.0.50727.01

  • TFS 2015 RTM has multiple build numbers, due to the componentized nature of its build and packaging process. The number of the installer, which will show up in Add/Remove Programs, is 14.0.23129.01. The number of the majority of the assemblies, which will show up in the TFS Administration Console, is 14.0.23128.00.