Package: NuGet Installer

Last Update: 5/18/2017

Team Services | TFS 2017 | TFS 2015 | Previous versions: XAML Build, Release

Install and update NuGet package dependencies.


Looking for help to get started? See Use Team Build to restore and publish NuGet packages.


If your code depends on NuGet packages, make sure to add this step before your Visual Studio Build step. Also make sure to clear the deprecated Restore NuGetPackages checkbox in that step.


Argument Description
Path to Solution

Copy the value from the Solution argument in your Visual Studio Build step and paste it here.

Path to NuGet.config

If you are using a package source other than, you must check in a NuGet.config file and specify the path to it here.

Disable local cache Equivalent to nuget restore with the -NoCache option.
NuGet Arguments Additional arguments passed to nuget restore.
Path to NuGet.exe (Optional) Path to your own instance of NuGet.exe. If you specify this argument, you must have your own strategy to handle authentication.
Control options


Install NuGet dependencies

You're building a Visual Studio solution that depends on a NuGet feed.

`-- ConsoleApplication1
    |-- ConsoleApplication1.sln
    |-- NuGet.config
    `-- ConsoleApplication1
        |-- ConsoleApplication1.csproj

Build steps

Package: NuGet Installer
Package: NuGet Installer

Install your NuGet package dependencies.

  • Path to Solution: **\*.sln
  • Path to NuGet.config: ConsoleApplication1/NuGet.config
Build: Visual Studio Build
Build: Visual Studio Build

Build your solution.

  • Solution: **\*.sln
  • Restore NuGet Packages: (Important) Make sure this option is cleared.

NuGet Packager Create a NuGet package from either a .csproj or .nuspec file

NuGet Publisher Publish your NuGet package to a server and update your feed

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