Tool: Node Tool Installer

Last Update: 4/19/2017

Team Services


icon Finds or downloads and caches the specified version of Node.js and adds it to the PATH




Argument Description
Version Spec Specify which Node.js version you want to use. Examples: 7.x, 6.x, 6.10.0, >=6.10.0
Check for Latest Version Select if you want the agent to check for the latest available version that satisfies the version spec. For example, you select this option because you run this build on your private agent and you want to always use the latest 6.x version.

If you're using our hosted agents, you should leave this check box cleared. We update the hosted agents on a regular basis, but they're often slightly behind the latest version. So selecting this box will result in your build spending a lot of time updating to a newer minor version.

Control options See Control options.


Where can I learn more about tool installers?

For an explanation of tool installers and examples, see Tool installers.

Do I need a build agent?

You need at least one agent to run your build. Get an agent.

I can't select a default agent queue and I can't queue my build. How do I fix this?

See queues.

I use Team Foundation Server on-premises and I don't see some of these features. Why not?

Some of these features are available only on Visual Studio Team Services and not yet available on-premises. Some features are available on-premises if you have upgraded to the latest version of TFS.