Last Update: 12/5/2016

api-version = 2.0

Builds can be tagged for easy searching.

If you haven't already, look at the information on getting started with these APIs.

Get a list of all tags across all builds

GET https://{instance}/DefaultCollection/_apis/build/queues?api-version={version}[&name={string}][&type={string}]
Parameter Type Notes
instance string VS Team Services account ({account}.visualstudio.com) or TFS server ({server:port}).
api-version string Version of the API to use.

Sample request

GET https://fabrikam-fiber-inc.visualstudio.com/DefaultCollection/Fabrikam-Fiber-Git/_apis/build/tags?api-version=2.0

Sample response

Status code: 200
  "count": 6,
  "value": [
    "existing tag",