Last Update: 9/6/2017

api-version = 4-0-preview

If you haven't already, look at the information on getting started with these APIs.

Serves maven delete package requests.

Package delete

Fulfills delete package requests.

DELETE https://{instance}/_apis/packaging/feeds/{feed}/maven/groups/{groupId}/artifacts/{artifactId}/versions/{version}?api-version={version}

Authorization scopes

For more details, see section on how to authorize access to REST APIs.

Scope Name Notes
vso.packaging_write Packaging (read and write) Grants the ability to create and read feeds and packages.

Request parameters

Name In Type Notes
feed URL string Required. Name or ID of the feed.
groupId URL string Required. Group Id of the package.
artifactId URL string Required. Artifact Id of the package.
version URL string Required. Version of the package.
api-version Query string Required. Version of the API to use. This should be set to '4.0-preview' to use this version of the API.