Projects and teams

Last Update: 11/30/2016

A Visual Studio Team Services account has one or more team projects. Each team project has one or more teams that contribute to that project.

Project and team resources

Common tasks

Get a list of team projects

Get the team projects in the account.

Get a project's source control provider

Get a team project's capabilities to see whether it uses Git or TFVC for source control.

Get the teams in a team project

  1. Get a list of teams in a team project.
  2. Get the members of a team.

Get the project collection

Each team project is in a project collection. Right now, a Visual Studio Team Services account just has one project collection named "DefaultCollection" so you can use that assumption when you call other APIs. You can also look up the collection.

Create a team project

Create a team project in a Visual Studio Team Services account. Currently, this is only supported on Visual Studio Team Services, but not on Team Foundation Server.

Update a team project

Team projects can be updated:

  1. Update the team project description or name
  2. The update is asynchronous, so use the returned operation to get the status of the update.

An operation can be in one of the following states:

State Name Explanation
Queued Team project update has been queued to run.
InProgress Team project update currently being executed.
Succeeded Team project update was successfully completed.
Failed Team project updated did not succeed.