Extension Report

Last Update: 6/2/2017

Now that your extension is available in the Visual Studio Marketplace, you can use the Reports feature to now track and analyze how the extension is performing and take required actions. To view the extension's report, visit your publisher page and select the extension.


You can view how many accounts have uninstalled your extension, daily trend of uninstall, detailed deedback shared during uninstall and top uninstall reasons. You can use search for text and dates to analyze and draw more insights from the detailed feedback.

If your extension is paid you can also Contact your users for transactional communication. Marketplace will broker the first communication with the user as our privacy policy doesn’t allow direct sharing of customer email address.

Important Please follow the below guidance on transactional and promotional communication. A publisher found to do promotional communication or spamming users will be blacklisted and won't be able to use the Contact feature for any of his extensions.

Transactional Communication: Transactional emails convey critical information necessary for the continued use of the extension or service. Examples include critical security notices, transaction confirmations, product recall notices, specific feedback request and service discontinuation. notices. Promotional Emails: Promotional emails are used to market your extension, product, service, website, or event. Examples include invitations to events or Web casts, information about new marketing or partner programs, offers to prospects to obtain value-added content. Almost all newsletters fall into the promotional bucket as they generally contain at least some promotional content.

Ratings and Review

This tab will give you the information of the average rating for the selected period w.r.t. to overall rating, the average rating by number of reviewers and the daily trend of average rating. The details section provides all the reviews and your responses in transactional view. You can take actions of Reply or Edit of a previous response and better manage engagement with your extension users. You can also Appeal to void a rating if the issue reported is due to Marketplace or the underlying platform. If the issue is valid, we shall void the rating.

Export to Excel All data elements available in the reports page are also available for download in XLS format to aid creating your own custom reports.