Make your extension or integration public

Last Update: 12/13/2016

The Visual Studio Marketplace is a single place users can go to find and purchase extensions, tools, products, and services that extend Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services, Visual Studio Code, or Team Foundation Server.

This page covers the required steps to make your integration or extension listing publicly available in the Marketplace.

As you are developing your extension or the content for your Marketplace page (for either an extension or integration), your extension can and should remain private.


To have a public listing on the Marketplace, your integration or extension must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Works with or extends one of the following Microsoft products or services:
    • Visual Studio, or
    • Visual Studio Team Services (formerly Visual Studio Online), or
    • Visual Studio Code, or
    • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (2012, 2013, or 2015)
  2. You (or your company) owns, develops, and is licensed to distribute and advertise the integration or extension.
  3. The extension or integration is actively maintained.

Microsoft might also request a demo and to review the content planned for your Marketplace entry. For more details, refer to the Visual Studio Marketplace Publisher Agreement, which you agreed to when creating your publisher.


The process to have a public Team Services listing for an integration or extension is the same. The first step is verification of your publisher. Only verified publishers can have public items on the Marketplace.

Developing for Visual Studio Code? If so, you do not need to request verification. Verification is only required for Team Services integrations or extensions.

Once you are ready to publish a public Team Services listing to the Marketplace, follow these steps:

  1. Send an email to
    • Use the subject Publisher verification request.
    • Include your publisher ID in the e-mail.
    • Send from your organization/company e-mail address.
    • Share details of your association with a business/company and other information such as:
      • Link to your site
      • Link to your LinkedIn account
      • Link to your GitHub account
      • Link to your blog
    • Share details about your extension/integration.
  2. Microsoft will respond within 2 business days.

You might be asked to provide more details about yourself or your organization/company. You might also be asked to share more details about your integration or share your extension with Microsoft.

Once your publisher id has been verified you need to set the public flag to true in your manifest for your extension to be available publicly.

Important: Once your publisher is verified, you will not be able to change its display name without contacting Microsoft.

Please make sure that the publisher ID has no reference to Microsoft or any of its products. Create a publisher ID that is representative of you and/or your company. For instance, if your company name is Fabrikam Fiber, a good publisher name is "fabrikam-fiber". Microsoft reserves the rights to reject publisher IDs that do not meet its review criteria.


Send questions about publishing items to the Visual Studio Marketplace to