Deploy web content to Azure

Last Update: 9/26/2016
If your extension does not require any back-end logic, consider hosting your static content direcly on Visual Studio Team Services. See content hosting.

After you've created an extension, you can publish it to Azure so that it's available in the cloud.

  1. If you don't have an Azure subscription, create one. You can use the free trial.

  2. Create a web app in Microsoft Azure to host your extension.

    Microsoft Azure portal, create a web app

  3. Publish your web site from the solution explorer.

    Solution explorer, project context meny, publish web site

  4. Publish to Azure.

    Publish web dialog box

  5. Pick the web app that you set up to host your extension.

    Select existing web site dialog box with the web site selected

    If your web site doesn't show up, use the Manage subscriptions dialog to connect your Visual Studio account to your Microsoft Azure subscription.

  6. Publish your extension.

    Publish button on the Publish web dialog box

  7. Change your extension manifest to use your Microsoft Azure web app instead of localhost.

    "baseUri": "",
  8. Install your extension again and try it out.