Last Update: 10/17/2016

Module path: TFS/Build/Contracts


  • _links: any.

  • buildNumber: string. Build number/name of the build

  • buildNumberRevision: number. Build number revision

  • controller: BuildController. The build controller. This should only be set if the definition type is Xaml.

  • definition: DefinitionReference. The definition associated with the build

  • deleted: boolean. Indicates whether the build has been deleted.

  • demands: any[]. Demands

  • finishTime: Date. Time that the build was completed

  • id: number. ID of the build

  • keepForever: boolean.

  • lastChangedBy: VSS_Common_Contracts.IdentityRef. Process or person that last changed the build

  • lastChangedDate: Date. Date the build was last changed

  • logs: BuildLogReference. Log location of the build

  • orchestrationPlan: TaskOrchestrationPlanReference. Orchestration plan for the build

  • parameters: string. Parameters for the build

  • priority: QueuePriority. The build's priority

  • project: TFS_Core_Contracts.TeamProjectReference. The team project

  • properties: any.

  • quality: string. Quality of the xaml build (good, bad, etc.)

  • queue: AgentPoolQueue. The queue. This should only be set if the definition type is Build.

  • queueOptions: QueueOptions. Queue option of the build.

  • queuePosition: number. The current position of the build in the queue

  • queueTime: Date. Time that the build was queued

  • reason: BuildReason. Reason that the build was created

  • repository: BuildRepository. The repository

  • requestedBy: VSS_Common_Contracts.IdentityRef. The identity that queued the build

  • requestedFor: VSS_Common_Contracts.IdentityRef. The identity on whose behalf the build was queued

  • result: BuildResult. The build result

  • sourceBranch: string. Source branch

  • sourceVersion: string. Source version

  • startTime: Date. Time that the build was started

  • status: BuildStatus. Status of the build

  • tags: string[].

  • uri: string. Uri of the build

  • url: string. REST url of the build

  • validationResults: BuildRequestValidationResult[].