Last Update: 10/17/2016

Module path: TFS/Build/Contracts

Extends: BuildDefinitionReference


  • _links: any.

  • badgeEnabled: boolean. Indicates whether badges are enabled for this definition

  • build: BuildDefinitionStep[].

  • buildNumberFormat: string. The build number format

  • comment: string. The comment entered when saving the definition

  • demands: any[].

  • description: string. The description

  • dropLocation: string. The drop location for the definition

  • jobAuthorizationScope: BuildAuthorizationScope. Gets or sets the job authorization scope for builds which are queued against this definition

  • jobTimeoutInMinutes: number. Gets or sets the job execution timeout in minutes for builds which are queued against this definition

  • options: BuildOption[].

  • properties: any.

  • repository: BuildRepository. The repository

  • retentionRules: RetentionPolicy[].

  • triggers: BuildTrigger[].

  • variables: {[key: string]: BuildDefinitionVariable}.