Last Update: 10/17/2016

Module path: TFS/Build/Contracts


  • branchFilters: string[].

  • daysToBuild: ScheduleDays. Days for a build (flags enum for days of the week)

  • scheduleJobId: string. The Job ID of the Scheduled job that will queue the scheduled build. Since a single trigger can have multiple schedules and we want a single job to process a single schedule (since each schedule has a list of branches to build), the schedule itself needs to define the Job Id. This value will be filled in when a definition is added or updated. The UI does not provide it or use it.

  • startHours: number. Local timezone hour to start

  • startMinutes: number. Local timezone minute to start

  • timeZoneId: string. Time zone of the build schedule (string representation of the time zone id)