Last Update: 10/17/2016

Module path: TFS/Build/Contracts

Extends: DefinitionReference


  • _links: any.

  • batchSize: number. Batch size of the definition

  • buildArgs: string.

  • continuousIntegrationQuietPeriod: number. The continuous integration quiet period

  • controller: BuildController. The build controller

  • createdOn: Date. The date this definition was created

  • defaultDropLocation: string. Default drop location for builds from this definition

  • description: string. Description of the definition

  • lastBuild: ShallowReference. The last build on this definition

  • repository: BuildRepository. The repository

  • supportedReasons: BuildReason. The reasons supported by the template

  • triggerType: DefinitionTriggerType. How builds are triggered from this definition