Last Update: 9/26/2016

Module path: TFS/DistributedTask/Contracts


  • administratorsGroup: VSS_Common_Contracts.IdentityRef.

  • authorization: EndpointAuthorization. Gets or sets the authorization data for talking to the endpoint.

  • createdBy: VSS_Common_Contracts.IdentityRef. The Gets or sets Identity reference for the user who created the Service endpoint

  • data: {[key: string]: string}.

  • description: string. Gets or Sets description of endpoint

  • groupScopeId: string.

  • id: string. Gets or sets the identifier of this endpoint.

  • name: string. Gets or sets the friendly name of the endpoint.

  • readersGroup: VSS_Common_Contracts.IdentityRef.

  • type: string. Gets or sets the type of the endpoint.

  • url: string. Gets or sets the url of the endpoint.