Last Update: 9/26/2016

Module path: TFS/DistributedTask/Contracts


  • execTask: TaskReference. The utility task to run. Specifying this means that this task definition is simply a meta task to call another task. This is useful for tasks that call utility tasks like powershell and commandline

  • platformInstructions: {[key: string]: {[key: string]: string}}. If a task is going to run code, then this provides the type/script etc... information by platform. For example, it might look like. net45: { typeName: "Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Automation.Tasks.PowerShellTask", assemblyName: "Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Automation.Tasks.PowerShell.dll" } net20: { typeName: "Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Automation.Tasks.PowerShellTask", assemblyName: "Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Automation.Tasks.PowerShell.dll" } java: { jar: "powershelltask.tasks.automation.teamfoundation.microsoft.com", } node: { script: "powershellhost.js", }