Last Update: 9/26/2016

Module path: TFS/TestManagement/Contracts


  • area: ShallowReference. Area of the configuration

  • description: string. Description of the configuration

  • id: number. ID of the configuration

  • isDefault: boolean. Is the configuration a default for the test plans

  • lastUpdatedBy: VSS_Common_Contracts.IdentityRef. Last Updated By Reference

  • lastUpdatedDate: Date. Last Updated Data

  • name: string. Name of the configuration

  • project: ShallowReference. Project to which the configuration belongs

  • revision: number. Revision of the the configuration

  • state: TestConfigurationState. State of the configuration

  • url: string. Url of Configuration Resource

  • values: {[key: string]: string}. Dictionary of Test Variable, Selected Value