Last Update: 9/26/2016

Module path: TFS/TestManagement/Contracts


  • Unspecified Only used during an update to preserve the existing value.
  • None Test has not been completed, or the test type does not report pass/failure.
  • Passed Test was executed w/o any issues.
  • Failed Test was executed, but there were issues. Issues may involve exceptions or failed assertions.
  • Inconclusive Test has completed, but we can't say if it passed or failed. May be used for aborted tests...
  • Timeout The test timed out
  • Aborted Test was aborted. This was not caused by a user gesture, but rather by a framework decision.
  • Blocked Test had it chance for been executed but was not, as ITestElement.IsRunnable == false.
  • NotExecuted Test was not executed. This was caused by a user gesture - e.g. user hit stop button.
  • Warning To be used by Run level results. This is not a failure.
  • Error There was a system error while we were trying to execute a test.
  • NotApplicable Test is Not Applicable for execution.
  • Paused Test is paused.
  • InProgress Test is currently executing. Added this for TCM charts
  • MaxValue