Git repository permissions

Last Update: 3/16/2017

Module path: TFS/VersionControl/Contracts

Note: This list of permissions changed in TFS 2017 Update 1. For users of earlier versions, see the previous list of permissions.


  • None
  • GenericRead
  • GenericContribute
  • ForcePush
  • EditPolicies
  • CreateBranch
  • CreateRepository
  • DeleteRepository
  • RenameRepository
  • CreateTag
  • ManageNote
  • ManagePermissions
  • PolicyExempt
  • RemoveOthersLocks
  • BranchLevelPermissions This is the set of bits that are valid for branches.
  • All This defines the set of bits that are valid for the Git permission space. When reading or writing git permissions, these are the only bits paid attention too.