Last Update: 9/26/2016

Module path: VSS/Common/Contracts/FormInput


  • dependencyInputIds: string[]. The IDs of all inputs that the value of this input is dependent on.

  • description: string. Description of what this input is used for

  • groupName: string. The group localized name to which this input belongs and can be shown as a header for the container that will include all the inputs in the group.

  • hasDynamicValueInformation: boolean. If true, the value information for this input is dynamic and should be fetched when the value of dependency inputs change.

  • id: string. Identifier for the subscription input

  • inputMode: InputMode. Mode in which the value of this input should be entered

  • isConfidential: boolean. Gets whether this input is confidential, such as for a password or application key

  • name: string. Localized name which can be shown as a label for the subscription input

  • useInDefaultDescription: boolean. Gets whether this input is included in the default generated action description.

  • validation: InputValidation. Information to use to validate this input's value

  • valueHint: string. A hint for input value. It can be used in the UI as the input placeholder.

  • values: InputValues. Information about possible values for this input