Last Update: 9/26/2016

Defined in vss.d.ts

Base class for extension properties which are shared by the extension manifest and the extension model


  • baseUri: string. Uri used as base for other relative uri's defined in extension

  • contributions: Contribution[]. List of contributions made by this extension

  • contributionTypes: ContributionType[]. List of contribution types defined by this extension

  • eventCallbacks: ExtensionEventCallbackCollection. Collection of endpoints that get called when particular extension events occur

  • language: string. Language Culture Name set by the Gallery

  • manifestVersion: any. Version of the extension manifest format/content

  • scopes: string[]. List of all oauth scopes required by this extension

  • serviceInstanceType: string. The ServiceInstanceType(Guid) of the VSTS service that must be available to an account in order for the extension to be installed