Last Update: 9/26/2016

Defined in vss.d.ts

Structure to specify current navigation context of the executing request. The navigation context content's are generally obtained from the request URL. Some context specifiers such as "Account" can be implicit and might come from current IVssServiceHost.


  • area: string. A token to show which area the request has been targeted to. By default there are two areas "Admin" and "Api". They can be specified in the URL as _admin and _api respectively.

  • currentAction: string. Current action route value

  • currentController: string. Current controller route value

  • currentParameters: string. Current parameters route value (the path after the controller and action in the url)

  • topMostLevel: NavigationContextLevels. Flag to show top most navigation context. For example the URL http://server:port/collection/project/_controller/action sets the Project bit while the URL http://server:port/collection/project/_admin/_controller/action sets also sets the area property to Admin.