Last Update: 9/26/2016

Defined in vss.d.ts

Global context placed on each VSSF web page (through json island data) which gives enough information for core TypeScript modules/controls on the page to operate


  • appInsightsConfiguration: AppInsightsConfiguration. Configuration for reporting telemetry/usage data to App Insights

  • coreReferences: CoreReferencesContext. Core javascript and css references

  • cssModulePrefixes: string[]. Specifies the prefixes for CSS modules that should map to the current service. e.g. "VSS/LoaderPlugins/Css!EMS:ExtensionManagement" would map to ExtensionManagement.css under the themed content path of this service if "EMS" is in the CSSModulePrefixes list.

  • diagnostics: DiagnosticsContext. Diagnostic related information for the current page

  • featureAvailability: FeatureAvailabilityContext. Feature flag states to include by default in page data (avoids AJAX lookup)

  • globalization: GlobalizationContext. Globalization data for the current page based on the current user's settings

  • microsoftAjaxConfig: MicrosoftAjaxConfig. Configuration needed for Microsoft.Ajax library

  • moduleLoaderConfig: ModuleLoaderConfiguration. The (AMD) module configuration

  • navigation: NavigationContext. Current navigation context.

  • serviceInstanceId: string. The service instance type ID for the VSTS service serving this page

  • serviceLocations: ServiceLocations.

  • timeZonesConfiguration: TimeZonesConfiguration. Contains global time zone configuration information (e.g. which dates DST changes)

  • webAccessConfiguration: ConfigurationContext. Web Access configuration

  • webContext: WebContext. The web context information for the given page request