Last Update: 9/26/2016

Defined in vss.d.ts

An individual contributed menu item


  • id: string. Optional. Menu-item specific identifier

  • text: string. Optional. Text to display in the menu item

  • title: string. Optional. Tooltip to display for the menu item

  • separator: boolean. Optional. Set to true if this menu item is just a separator

  • disabled: boolean. Optional. Set to true if this menu item should be disabled

  • icon: string. Optional. Url to an icon image or css class for the image cell

  • noIcon: boolean. Optional. If true, do not render an icon or space for an icon.

  • childItems: IContributedMenuItem[]. Optional. If this menu item has a sub menu, these are the contributed child items

  • groupId: string. Optional. ID of the menu group that this item should be placed in.

  • action: (actionContext: any): void. Optional. Method invoked when the menu item is clicked.