Last Update: 7/13/2017


Q: How do I add my extension to the Visual Studio Marketplace?

A: The Visual Studio Marketplace is still being developed for Visual Studio extensions. During the transition, extensions must be uploaded and maintained via the Gallery. Extensions uploaded to the Gallery are automatically migrated to the Marketplace every 15 minutes.

Q: I have a new Visual Studio Extension, how do I add support for previous versions?

A: Reference the versions of the assemblies that are available for the oldest version you want to support (instead of referencing the latest assemblies). Visual Studio contains binding redirects to ensure that older references continue to work when run in the latest version of Visual Studio.

Q: I have a feature request, how do I report it?

A: Submit your feature request at Visual Studio UserVoice.

Q: I found a bug, how do I report it?

A: Submit your bug report through the report a problem option within Visual Studio.

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