Create a feed

Last Update: 4/25/2017

Team Services | TFS 2017

Create a package management feed in Team Services or TFS

A feed is a container for packages. You consume and publish packages through a particular feed.

To get started, navigate to the Package hub in the Build & Release hub group:

Go to Package hub

If you don't see the Package hub, then ask your account owner to install the Package Management extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Click the dropdown in the top left and select New feed:

New feed button

In the dialog:

  • Give the feed a name and a description (optional).
  • Choose who can read and contribute (or update) packages in your feed. The default selections give Team Build access so that continuous integration builds can add and update packages.
  • When you're done, choose Create.

New feed dialog

You can change these settings later by editing the feed.