Package Management in Team Services and TFS

Last Update: 4/25/2017

Team Services | TFS 2017 Update 1

Host your NuGet packages and npm modules in Team Services and Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 1 using Package Management feeds.

Welcome to package mangement


Package Management is an extension that makes it easy to discover, install, and publish packages. It's deeply integrated with other Team Services and TFS hubs like Build so that package management can become a seamless part of your existing workflows. The extension must be installed from the Marketplace to create or consume packages.

Package Management Overview

Package Management introduces the concept of multiple feeds that can be used to organize and control access to your packages. If you're familiar with using packages from or modules from npmjs, you can think of those places each as a single feed. You may also have heard feeds called repositories.

Get started using Package Management

Get up and running with NuGet or npm in Team Services and TFS in just a few minutes with the NuGet quick start and npm quick start.

If you haven't used packages before, see the conceptual introduction. When you're ready to get started, install and license Package Management.


Feeds and permissions

Article Description
Create feeds Learn how to create feeds for Package Management in both Team Services and TFS.
Set permissions Configure how each of your teams or team members can interact with specific feeds. Options include Reader, Contributor, and Owner.
Communicate package quality using views Categorize your packages as prerelease or release to indicate package quality.
Learn about common identities Learn about identities used in Visual Studio Team Services and TFS that can be targetted for permissions configurations.
Understand immutability Understand the immutable nature of packages and how to work around it if you have any issues with broken or incorrect packages.
Integrate with REST APIs Learn more about the Packaging API to interact with feeds and packages.

NuGet packages

Article Description
Publish NuGet packages Learn how to publish a NuGet package to Team Services and TFS.
Consume packages in Visual Studio Learn how to configure your NuGet feeds and packages for consumption, including setting up proper authentication.
Use NuGet or dotnet with Team Services Find out how to set up credentials and authentication to set up NuGet or dotnet with Team Services using Package Management.
Use NuGet or dotnet with TFS Find out how to set up credentials and authentication to set up NuGet or dotnet with Team Foundation Server using Package Management.
Setup developer environments for large teams Learn about setting up a multi-developer environment for your NuGet package management system.
Unlist or delete a package Find out how to remove a NuGet package from a feed in Team Services and TFS.
Migrate from file shares Learn how to move your NuGet packages to the clouds with hosted feeds.

npm packages

Article Description
Set up your npmrc Set up your .npmrc configuration files to store feed URLs and credentials for proper authentication.
Use packages from Learn about enabling as an upstream source for your feed in Team Services or TFS.
Publish packages Learn how to publish an npm package to Team Services and TFS.
Install packages Use the npm client to install npm modules/packages from your feed or from if you've configured upstream sources.
Use npm scopes Find out the proper way to configure packages with npm scopes.
Deprecate or unpublish a package Learn how to deprecrate or uninstall an npm package completely.

Continuous delivery

Article Description
Package CI overview Discover the landing page for learning how to integrate your packages into your Team Services and TFS builds.
NuGet in Team Build Use Team Build to restore and publish NuGet packages.
npm in Team Build Use Team Build to restore and publish npm packages.
NuGet in Jenkins Use Jenkins to restore and publish NuGet packages.

Continuously integrate packages

Automate the packing and publishing of NuGet packages.

Versions and compatability

Some package management services are only compatible with specific versions of TFS. Check out the table below to see compatibility.

Product Team Services TFS
NuGet Yes TFS 2017
npm Yes TFS 2017 Update 1 and newer

Other package types

Need to host other package types (Maven, Docker, Cocoapods, etc.)? Tell us on the Package Management UserVoice.