Rich Work Item Search results

Last Update: 6/8/2017

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In the Work Item Search results page you can:

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Use the rich set of options in the results page

Choose a search result to see a rich view of the familiar work item form in the right pane. This makes it easier for you to scan each match and locate the work item you need and then directly work with it - giving you the ability to view, edit, comment, share and much more.

Rich integration with work item tracking

See more of the work item

You can quickly get a full screen view of the selected work item using the expand Expand the file to fullscreen and shrink Shrink the file to a window icons in the toolbar. However, another way to see more of the work item, while still being able to select work items from the list of matching results, is to hide the left column filter pane by choosing the < icon at the top left of the column. Use the > icon to restore the filter pane.

Hide and show the Filters pane

If you are using a portrait orientation screen, use the Preview pane: Right link at the top right of the window to display the code below the search results list.

Search remembers the state of the filter pane, configuration of the work item view pane, and its position between sessions as part of your user preferences.

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