Set your account preferences

Last Update: 6/30/2017

Team Services | TFS 2015

From your profile page, you can change your picture or other account preferences. Specifically, you can set the following:


  • Your picture
  • Your display name
  • Your preferred email
  • Locale settings: Language, date and time pattern, time zone, and user interface theme

Personal alerts and notifications

New navigation

Use personal alerts and notifications to receive email notifications when changes are made to the following objects:

  • Changes to work items
  • Code check ins
  • Build completions
  • Commits
  • Pull requests

Set preferences (Team Services)

To change your your account information, open your account menu.

Team Services, My Profile link on Account menu

From the Profile/Information page, click Edit to change the picture, display name, or preferred email. Open the Preferences page to change a locale preference.

Team Services, Profile page

Set preferences (TFS)

TFS, My Profile link on Account menu

Click edit to change a setting. Choose the Locale tab to change a locale preference.

TFS, Set preferences