Configure Team Foundation Server using the standard configuration

Last Update: 3/27/2017

TFS 2013*

Standard configuration on single server

You can configure Team Foundation Server to use the standard configuration. To complete this procedure, you must have a domain account.

For more information about accounts, see Accounts required for installation of Team Foundation Server

TIP You can access the Team Foundation Server Configuration tool by launching Team Foundation Server Administration Console, choosing Application Tier, and then choosing Configure Installed Features.

Required Permissions

You must be a member of the Administrators security group on the server that is running TFS.

To configure Team Foundation Server by using the standard configuration

  1. Choose Standard Single Server, and then choose Start Wizard.

    The **Team Foundation Server Standard Configuration **wizard appears.

  2. Read the Welcome screen, and then choose Next.

  3. In User Account, enter the name of the service account that you want to use for SharePoint Foundation.

    This account is also used as the report reader account to create reports.

  4. In Password, enter the password for this service account, and then choose Next.

  5. Choose Install SharePoint Foundation 2013.

Note If the SharePoint installation requires a reboot, you might need to reenter some of the information you previously entered in this wizard.

  1. After Team Foundation Server installs SharePoint Foundation, choose Next.

  2. Review the information, and then choose Next.

    The wizard validates your configuration.

    If you run into a problem, you can use the detailed results to identify the issue. If you can, fix the issue, and then choose the link to run the ready checks over again. If you resolved the problem, you’ll be able to configure TFS in the next step.

  3. Choose Configure.

    The wizard applies configuration settings.

  4. Choose Next, Close, Close.

    The Team Foundation Server Administration Console appears.

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