Continuous testing scenarios and capabilities

Last Update: 7/12/2017

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Whether your app is on-premises or in the cloud, you can automate build-deploy-test workflows and choose the technologies and frameworks, then test your changes continuously in a fast, scalable, and efficient manner.

Test with Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server

Scenarios and capabilities:

Maintain quality and find problems as you develop

Continuous testing with Visual Studio Team Services or Team Foundation Server ensures your app still works after every check-in and build, enabling you to find problems earlier by running tests automatically with each build.

Any test type and any test framework

Choose the test technologies and frameworks you prefer to use.

Rich analytics and reporting

When your build is done, review your test results to start resolving the problems you find. Rich and actionable build-on-build reports let you instantly see if your builds are getting healthier. But it's not just about speed - detailed and customizable test results measure the quality of your app.

Build results showing rich test results

Advanced DevOps practices

If you are already using advanced continuous testing practices in DevOps workflows, or just using continuous testing and looking for advanced content, check out Test automation, planning, and management concepts from the ALM Rangers.

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