Associate automated test results with requirements

Last Update: 6/7/2017

Team Services | TFS 2017 | TFS 2015

If your test suites include requirements, link these to your test results and view the results on your team's dashboard. This enables end-to-end traceability of requirements for agile teams. For example, when teams do not use planned testing (by creating test plans or test case work items), and instead choose to simply write automated tests that run in the CD/CI pipeline, associating test results with requirements provides an easy way to monitor test results and ensure requirements are met.

To associate automated test results with requirements:

  1. On the test results page, select the tests you want to link to requirements and choose the Associate tests to work item (link) icon.

  2. Select the requirements from the list of suggested work items and choose Associate.

  3. To see the related test results, select Requirements in the Group by list.

  4. On your team's dashboard, add the Requirements quality widget and configure it for the appropriate build definition and work item query.

  5. This shows the pass rate for each of your requirements. Use the links to view the results in more detail, and the Expand link to see more.

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