Exploratory test and submit feedback directly from your browser

Last Update: 5/23/2017

Team Services | TFS 2017 | TFS 2015

The Test & Feedback extension (previously called the Exploratory Testing extension) helps teams perform exploratory testing and provide feedback. Everyone in the team, such as developers, product owners, managers, UX or UI engineers, marketing teams, early adopters, and other stakeholders can use the extension to submit bugs or provide feedback and contribute to the quality of your product.

What is the Test & Feedback extension?

The Test & Feedback extension is a simple browser-based extension you can use to test web apps anytime and anywhere, and is simple enough for everyone in the team to use. It helps to improve productivity by allowing you to spend more time finding issues, and less time filing them.

Using the extension is a simple, three step process.

Schematic showing process steps Capture, Create, Collaborate

  • Capture your findings quickly and easily using the tools in the extension. Capture notes, screenshots with annotations, and screen recordings to describe your findings and highlight issues. Additionally, in the background the extension automatically captures rich data such as user actions as an image action log, page load data, and system information about the browser, operating system, memory, and more that can serve as a starting point for debugging.

  • Create work items such as bugs, tasks, and test cases directly from the extension. The captured findings automatically become a part of the work item. Users can file a bug to report an issue with the product, or create a task that indicates a new work requirement. The extension can also be used to create test cases for scenarios discovered during exploration.

  • Collaborate with your team by sharing your findings. Export your session report in Standalone mode, or connect to Team Services or Team Foundation Server (2015 or later) for a fully integrated experience including exploring user stories and backlog items, simplified tracking and triaging of bugs and tasks, and managing feedback requests in one place.

As users perform exploratory testing, you can get insights from the sessions in the Test hub of Team Services or TFS. View completed exploratory sessions and derive meaningful insights across all the sessions. Get end-to-end traceability such as a breakdown of the work items created, the work items explored and not explored, session owners, and more.

Install the Test & Feedback extension

  1. Check the list of supported browsers and decide which you want to use.

  2. Download and install your chosen browser, if you haven't already, then open it.

  3. Go to Visual Studio Marketplace > Test & Feedback and choose Install.

    Visual Studio Marketplace, Test & Feedback extension, Install

  4. Follow the instructions shown to install the Test & Feedback extension in your browser:

    • If you are using Google Chrome, choose the Install link to open the Google Chrome web store and follow the instructions to install the extension.

      Install extension on Chrome

      Install extension on Chrome

    • If you are using Mozilla Firefox 50.0 and higher, choose the Download link and save the file to a local folder on your computer.

      Install extension on Firefox

      Select and drag the downloaded file and drop it on any tab in Firefox.

      Install extension on Firefox

      Choose Install.

      Install extension on Firefox

      Install extension on Firefox

You need to install the extension or add-on only once. Afterwards your browser will update it automatically.

Select an exploratory testing mode

  1. Open the extension you installed in your browser by choosing the Test and Feedback icon.

    Open extension

  2. Decide if you want to use the extension in Connected or Standalone mode.

    Choose connection mode

    Connected mode
    Available to all users of Team Services and TFS 2015 or later:

    • Users with Basic access: Full capture and create capabilities to submit bugs, tasks, and test cases. Includes collaboration capabilities such as end-to-end traceability, rich insights across completed exploratory sessions, simplified tracking and triaging for bugs and tasks, and more.
    • Users with Stakeholder access: Full capture and create capabilities, except for test cases, to submit feedback and respond to feedback requests from the team.
    • Feedback experience is available only in Team Services and TFS 2017 or later.

    Standalone mode
    Available to everyone. No connection to Team Services or Team Foundation Server is required. Take notes and screenshots with inline annotations to capture issues. Create bugs and export a session report to share findings.

If you have problems connecting to Team Services or TFS, you may find the topic TF31002: Unable to connect useful.

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Q: Which web browsers does the extension support?

A: The Test & Feedback extension is currently available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox version 50.0 and higher. Edge support is planned.

Some browser versions do not currently support all the features of the Test & Feedback extension.

Feature Chrome Firefox
Capture screenshots with inline annotations   Yes   Yes
Capture notes   Yes   Yes
Capture screen recordings   Yes   No
Capture page load data   Yes   No
Capture user actions log   Yes   No
Capture system information   Yes   No
Create bugs   Yes   Yes
Create tasks and test cases   Yes   Yes
Create feedback requests   Yes   Yes
Export session report for sharing   Yes   Yes
End-to-end tracability for workitems   Yes   Yes
Simplified bug and task tracking and triaging   Yes   Yes
View and get insights from sessions   Yes   Yes
View similar existing bugs   Yes   Yes
Test app on devices using cloud providers such as Perfecto   Yes   No
Manage feedback requests   Yes   Yes

For more details, see Visual Studio Marketplace.

Q: How do I play the video recordings I created with the extension?

The video recordings created by the Test & Feedback extension can be viewed in Google Chrome browser and in the VLC Video Player.

Q: Does the extension support Team Foundation Server?

A: The Test & Feedback extension supports Team Foundation Server 2015 and later. All users, including stakeholders, can use the extension in Connected mode with all the functionality except session insights and the request and provide feedback flow, which are supported only for TFS 2017.

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