Performance testing scenarios and capabilities

Last Update: 3/6/2017

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Performance test your code with hundreds of thousands of users using Visual Studio Team Services.

Cloud-based Load Testing

  • Load test web sites, apps and APIs
  • Scale to hundreds of thousands of concurrent users
  • Deep analysis with rich diagnostics, trace and exception logging
  • Generate load from multiple regions worldwide
  • 20,000 virtual user minutes FREE every month

If you prefer to run your tests in a local environment rather than in the cloud, see Use a lab environment for your devops.

Cloud scalable

Generate hundreds of thousands of connections in minutes. Cloud-based load testing leveraging the power of Azure is like having a whole performance lab at your fingertips. Of course you can run your performance test from on-premises agents too!

Cloud scalable

Easily create powerful load tests

With authoring experiences in Visual Studio, Azure and Visual Studio Team Services you can quickly create load tests by specifying a website, referencing a JMeter test file or recording and replaying your actions. Run them or customize them using powerful tools in Visual Studio. You can even use existing unit or functional tests to generate load.

Easily create powerful load tests

Deep reporting and diagnostics

View app performance with real-time charts and graphs. Go even further with Application Insights, and correlate test results with server diagnostics.

Deep reporting and diagnostics

Test from where your users are

Run tests from one of many global Azure datacenter locations to minimize latency and simulate users' real-world conditions.

Performance testing from where your user are

How Eovendo ensures uptime with cloud-based load testing

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How Eovendo ensures uptime with cloud-based load testing

Free and flexible pricing

Pricing is per virtual user minute (VUM) - a measure of how long your test is and how many users the test simulates. The first 20,000 virtual user minutes are free each month.

First 20,000 VUM / month 20,001-2M VUM 2,000,001-10M VUM 10,000,001 VUM-above
FREE $0.0004 / VUM $0.0002 / VUM $0.0001 / VUM

Help and support

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