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Last Update: 4/5/2017

Team Services (Inheritance)


This topic applies to team project and process customization for the Inheritance process model. For the Hosted XML process model, you customize your team project by importing a custom process template; and for the On-premises XML process model, you customize by importing modified XML definition files.

For an overview of process models, see Customize your work tracking experience.

Your process provides the building blocks of your work tracking experience. For each work item type (WIT) you want to customize, you do so from the admin Process page, Layout tab for that WIT. If you haven't created an inherited process yet, do that now. You can only customize inherited processes.

Admin context, Process, Work item types, bug type, layout tab

Team projects that reference the process you customize will automatically be updated with the changes you make. Or, you can create a team project based on the customized process.

What you can customize

To support your tracking requirements, you can customize each WIT to add custom pages, groups, or fields on the form. Inherited pages, groups, and fields correspond to elements inherited from the core system process, such as Agile, Scrum, and CMMI system processes. You can customize some options for inherited elements.

Currently, you can add a custom WIT and customize the following experiences for inherited and custom WITs:

Tab Supported customizations

Inherited fieldInherited fields:

Custom fields:

Customizations are subject to the guidelines and limitations outlined under What is a field?

Inherited fieldInherited states:


Inherited fieldInherited WITs:

To perform any of these actions, you must be a member of the Project Collection Administrators group or be granted explicit permissions to edit a specific process.

Keep in mind that all team projects that reference the inherited process that you're customizing will automatically update to contain the modifications you make.

To customize a single team project, always start by creating an inherited process and migrating the team project to that process. Then, all the customizations that you make to the inherited process automatically appear for the team project you migrated.

Additional topics of interest:

Programmatically query for processes

You can determine the processes defined for an account using the REST API:
Work item queries and query folders.

Return to the process overview

From the Process tab, you can choose another process to customize or return to the Process overview page.

Return to process overview page

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