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Last Update: 3/20/2017

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Within a team project, you add teams to support the needs of several feature teams, or an enterprise organized to deliver different products. Each team is then able to configure the Agile tools the way that works for their team, supporting each team to collaborate most effectively in planning and managing their work.

As a team administrator, you can configure, customize, and manage all team-related activities for your team. These include being able to add team members, add team admins, and configure Agile tools and team assets.

Team admin permissions are role-based, unlike project admin permissions which are set through the user interface. Also, because team administrators are members of the Contributor role they have permissions assigned to that role.

Team Contributor permissions

Team administrator role and permissions

The following table summarizes a subset of the default permissions assigned to the team project Readers, Contributors and Project Administrators groups and the Team Administrator role. Team admin permissions extend only to the team for which they're an administrator. Project administrator permissions extend across all teams defined for the team project.

Manage team members and permissions

Permission Readers Contributors Team Administrators Project Administrators
Add a team administrator



checkmark checkmark
Add team members



checkmark checkmark
View shared work item queries

checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Manage shared query and query folder permissions
(Contribute, Delete, Manage Permissions)





Configure and work with team assets

Depending on the security group you are added to, you'll be able to access or use the following features.

Contributors have access to all features available to Readers. Team admins have access to all features available to Contributors. And, Project administrators have access to all features available to Team admins for all teams. For additional details on configuring and customizing Agile planning tools and team assets, see Customize an Agile tool.


  1. Contributors can delete work items, which are placed in the Recycle bin. To permanently delete work items, you must be a member of the Project Administrators group or have the Delete work items in this project set to Allow.
  2. Team administrators can manage all their team-related assets. Project Administrators can manage all team-related assets for all teams defined for the team project.
  3. Team administrators can manage team alerts. Project Administrators groups can manage all team alerts for all teams defined for the team project.
  4. Team administrators can manage their team rooms. Project Administrators can create and administer team rooms that they've created.

Access shared team project resources

Permission Readers Contributors Team Administrators Project Administrators
Create and add tags    checkmark checkmark checkmark
Area node: Edit work items under the node


checkmark checkmark checkmark
Area nodes and Iteration nodes: Create, delete, edit child nodes




View project-level information checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Edit project-level information
(This permission grants users access to all team administration tasks across all teams defined for the team project.)





For a simplified view of permissions assigned to built-in groups, see Permissions and access. For a comprehensive list of all permissions and default groups, see the Permissions reference for TFS.

Add a team member as a team administrator

It's always a good idea to have more than one person with administration permissions for an area.

  1. If you're not a team administrator, get added as one using this procedure. Ask an administrator for your team project or project collection to add you as an administrator.

  2. Add an administrator from the web portal team admin context.

    Open team administration context

    To access this page, choose the gear icon gear icon from your team home page.

  3. Add the account identity.

    Add account as a team administrator

Configure team settings

You can configure all your team settings from the common configuration dialog.

Feature availability: The common configuration dialog is supported from Team Services or the web portal for TFS 2015 Update 1 or later version.
  1. To open, click gear icon, the gear icon, from any team backlog or board to set one or more team settings.

    For example, from the Kanban board ...

    Kanban board, open common configuration settings

  2. Click a tab under Cards or Board to configure card and Kanban board settings.

    Common configuration dialog team settings

    For details on each configuration option, see one of these topics:

Administer team room permissions

You can grant permissions to users to administer a team room.

  1. From the context menu, open permissions for the team room.

    Open team room permissions

  2. Add an account, set the permissions for Administer to Allow, and save the changes.

    Add menu on Permissions page for a team room

Create and manage a team room

A team room is created for each team that gets created. Team administrators can create additional rooms and manage their team rooms.

Members of the Project Administrators groups can create and administer team rooms that they have created. And, members of the Project Collection Administrators groups can create and administer all team rooms.

Permissions to open team room events

Permissions on team room events are managed by their associated operational area. It is possible for a team member to have permissions to collaborate within a team room, yet not be allowed to view work items, build definitions, or source code that have alerts enabled in the team room.

For information about where these permissions are set in the web portal, see Restrict access in TFS.

To create additional teams, see Multiple teams.

If team members don't have access to all the features they want, check that they have the access level needed for those features.

You can also restrict access to select features and functions.

Team name, description, and picture

Team settings also include the team name, description, and team profile image.

To add a team picture. Open the administration page and choose the picture icon under Team Profile. The maximum file size is 4 MB.