New Queries experience

Last Update: 6/28/2017

Team Services


Feature availability: The New queries experience is in preview for Team Services and available when you enable it from the web portal.

We have launched a preview version of a modernized Queries Hub in your Team Services account. You can enable it from the Preview features menu that you access from your account profile.

What's new in the Queries hub

The Queries hub now opens to a list of your favorite queries, or you can click All to show all queries defined for the team project.

List of queries separated into personal favorites and team favorites groups

  • Query lists highlight additional metadata for each query that include:
    • The type of query
    • The path within the hierarchy
    • Who last modified it
    • When it was last modified
  • Easily access all your personal favorite queries as well as the team favorites for any team that you are a member of.

What's new in Triage view

Open a query to view the query results and access the query triage mode.

Query results are listed in a grid with work item details displayed on the right.

  • Navigate back to your queries list or subfolders using the browser or by clicking back on the Hub name
  • Quickly favorite a query by using the star next to the query name
  • To create work items, use the top level Work drop-down menu

Got feedback?

Fill out the comment box that appears when you turn the feature on/off. See also our comprehensive feedback and support page.