Agile Tools

Visual Studio Team Services provides you the tools you need to run your agile team.

  • Drag-and-drop backlog prioritization
  • Kanban and task boards
  • Sprint planning
  • Bug management
  • Charting & dashboards

Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team Services both include all of the features outlined on this page.



Groom, Prioritize, Align

Quickly define, prioritize, and decompose the work for your project. Prioritization is easy with drag-and-drop re-ordering helping you keep the most important work at the top of your backlog.


Groom, Estimate, Execute

Scrum teams will feel right at home. Plan sprints using team-based capacity planning, assign work by dragging-dropping, and monitor progress throughout the sprint with real-time burndown charts.

Kanban board


Eliminate Waste

Backlogs are great… but how do you monitor flow and visualize all that work? Each backlog in Visual Studio Team Services comes with a built-in Kanban board. Customize the columns to suit your workflow, set WIP limits to monitor flow, and drag-and-drop items through the correct columns as you start and finish work.


Bring Together the Essentials

Build dashboards that provide visibility to your team and stakeholders. Stop worrying where to find things and instead use Visual Studio Team Services to get everyone on the same page.


Task Boards

Efficient Daily Stand-Ups

Run your sprint using a fit-for-purpose Taskboard where you can watch the work as it happens. Pivot the board by team member or story making daily standups quick and efficient.

Connected to Code

Traceability and Visibility

All your code changes are linked directly to the story, bug, or task driving the work. Visual Studio Team Services provides unparalleled traceability and visibility to your evolving codebase.

Connected to code


Alignment and Autonomy

Agile is not just for your team, it’s for your organization. Map every story on your backlog to the corresponding business scenario – ensuring you understand how the value being delivered contributes to the needs of your business.


Visibility into What Matters

Build charts that bring your data to life and make it visible to your team, organization, and stakeholders. Start from a query and then build a chart that highlights work needing attention.



Look Ahead with Confidence

Look ahead using simple forecasting on your backlog. Agile is about being ready for change. Visual Studio Team Services gives you the visibility and awareness to make the right decision at the right time.


Keep Track of Everything

Queries let you track and organize your data to fit the needs of every project and every situation. Create custom queries to look for stale work, impediments blocking progress, or backlog items that need attention.


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Humanitarian Toolbox

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What is Visual Studio Team Services?

Cloud services for development teams to collaborate and manage software projects.

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