Release Management

Release Management

Reduce your cycle time to improve your value delivery

The faster your software is deployed, the quicker you can get feedback. With release management in Visual Studio you can configure, approve and deploy your applications for any environment. Create automated deployment orchestrations for each environment no matter how complex the configuration. Delivering your software more frequently and easily to an environment allows your testers to get to work validating your system and keeps your stakeholders involved in giving feedback.

Release Management and Automation

Automate multi-stage deployments

  • Visually create the configuration paths that describe the promotion path through your environments.
  • Automatically trigger releases upon completion of builds.
  • One click to deploy to all environments of the pipeline.
  • Deploy to Windows or Linux servers using Powershell, Desired State Configuration, Chef, or Visual Studio Deployment Agent.
  • Run automated validation tests in each stage.

Deploy the same way to all stages

  • Use the same deployment artifacts for every environment, including deploying to production.
  • Test the same deployment sequence multiple times before going to production.
  • Centrally manage configurations that vary from one environment to another in the release pipeline.

Automate approval workflows

  • Define pre-deployment or post deployment approvals for multiple approvers or teams.
  • Enable approvers to schedule each promoted release at a time that suits them, providing the versatility of automation while still maintaining control.
  • Get approval notifications and provide approval using a web page instead of the Release Management client.

Enable Audit and Manage Security

Retain full traceability

  • Retain full traceability of everything that happens to a release with release logs and approval tracking.
  • Understand the user stories or bug fixes that went into releases.
  • Audit release trails anytime to understand all aspects of releases.

Manage and control release security

  • Avoid intrusions or accidental deployments by properly managing security of pipeline.
  • Assign roles and responsibilities to the right groups for releases, definitions and release artefacts.

Flexibility with Release Management

Deploy to on-premises and Azure with same ease

  • Deploy to on-premises or Azure environments.
    Test on Azure and release to production on-premises.
  • Import and manage your Azure environments from within Release Management.
  • Manage passwords and configurations for on-premises and Azure environments centrally.

Fail elegantly using Rollbacks

  • Manage deployment failures gracefully using rollbacks.
  • Always leave an environment in a stable state, even in cases of unknown failures.
  • Easily diagnose failures using logs collected from all servers.

Extend Release Management with customization

  • Use custom Desired State Configuration and PowerShell scripts for deployment.
  • Add custom tools and actions.
  • Release components from TFS and Visual Studio online builds, or use REST APIs to release components from your own build systems.

Release Management

By using Release Management for Visual Studio 2013, your development and operations teams can enable additional capabilities in Team Foundation Server 2013 so that they can more easily and more confidently configure and automate complex deployments to a variety of target environments. You can also model release processes, track approvals and sign-offs, and display release status graphically.

Each person using the Release Management Client for Visual Studio 2013 for creating, updating, or deleting a release pipeline sequence must be licensed for either Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN, Visual Studio Premium with MSDN, Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN, or MSDN Platforms.

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Release Management for Visual Studio

With Release Management in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Online you can configure, approve and deploy your applications for any environment. Create automated deployment orchestrations for each environment no matter how complex the configuration.

Release Management for Visual Studio