Release Management

DevOps solution for delivering your software easily and more frequently

  • Automate your deployments
  • Automate approval workflows
  • Retain full traceability
  • Apply security policies and manage users
  • Easily deploy to on-premises and Azure
  • Extend Release Management with customizations
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Automate your deployments

Set up continuous deployment

  • Faster time to market – respond with greater agility to customer feedback.
  • Create the release pipeline that describes the promotion path through your environments.
  • Automatically trigger releases upon completion of builds.
  • Deploy regularly through test, internal, and production environments using managed workflows.
  • Deploy to multiple platforms.
Automate your deployments

Define approval workflows

Use manual or automated gates

  • Enable sign-offs for deployments using pre or post deployment approvals.
  • Get notifications when a specific approval is due.
  • Pause the deployment process for manual steps or validation.
  • Improve collaboration and visibility between teams.
Define approval workflows

Retain full traceability

Permanent audit trails

  • Monitor the current status of the releases and deployments to all the environments.
  • Track the status of recent deployments in each of the environments.
  • Retain detailed audit history of all the activities performed on a release.
  • See the commits and work items that are associated with each release.
Retain full traceability

Manage release security

Control who can release

  • Avoid intrusions or accidental deployments by effectively managing the security of a pipeline.
  • Selectively restrict who can view or manage release entities.
  • Assign roles and responsibilities to the appropriate groups for releases, definitions and release artifacts.
Manage release security

Deploy to on-premises and Azure

Seamlessly manage Azure environments

  • Deploy to on-premises or Azure environments.
  • Test on Azure and release to production on-premises.
  • Import and manage your Azure environments from within TFS.
  • Manage passwords and security centrally for Azure environments.
Deploy to on-premises and Azure

Extend and customize

Create your own workflows

  • Use custom PowerShell scripts for deployment.
  • Deploy artifacts from TFS and Visual Studio Team Services builds.
  • Connect and deploy to your favorite deployment service through service endpoints.
  • Deploy Java builds from Jenkins.
  • Easily extend built-in deployment tasks or write new deployment tasks by using extensions.
Extend and customize

Use Release Management today

  • Unlimited stakeholders
  • Unlimited eligible MSDN subscribers
  • Unlimited team projects and private code repos
  • FREE work item tracking for all users
  • FREE 240 minutes/month of build
  • FREE 20K virtual user minutes/month of load testing


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