Release Management

Create managed continuous deployment pipelines to release quickly, easily, and often

  • Automate your release process
  • Define approval workflows
  • Retain full traceability
  • Deploy to Windows and Linux
  • Deploy on-premises and to the cloud
  • Extend and customize as required
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Automate releases

Easily set up continuous deployment

Reduce time-to-market and respond to customer feedback with greater agility by automating your release process. Create release pipelines that define the promotion path through your environments and automatically trigger releases when builds are successful. Deploy applications across platforms to all environments of the pipeline—with just one click.

Define environments and tasks to automate your releases

Approval workflows

Define automated or manual gates

Streamline your application release workflow by routing pre- and post-deployment approvals to multiple approvers or teams. Receive notifications when an approval is due or a deployment is complete. Schedule the time to deploy to production when approving . Automate the entire workflow, including tasks, validation, and approvals.

Manage and control your releases by specifying approvers

Full traceability

Monitor and audit all release steps

Monitor the status of your release pipelines and track every deployment in each of the environments. Retain full audit history of all activities performed on a release with detailed release logs and approval tracking. Match releases to user stories and bugs to understand the changes for each deployment.

Access and download log files for each step of every release task 

Works for any app

Deploy Java or .NET, Windows or Linux, on-premises or in the cloud

Deploy any type of application across multiple platforms including Windows and Linux, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Provision and deploy Azure services directly from within the release process.

Integrate with Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Online, or Chef. Use a rich catalog of out-of-the-box tasks, or plug in your custom PowerShell scripts.

Deploy to any platform or location 

Extend and customize

Add your own custom tasks

Create workflows tailored to your process by customizing our tasks, or extend with your own custom tasks. Use the published APIs to add your own release dashboard extensions into the web interface.

Extend release management to suit your own needs 


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