Get Started

Learn how easy it is to set up Visual Studio and connect to Visual Studio Online. Once you're set up we'll show you how to host source control in the cloud; collaborate with colleagues around the world; manage your project using backlogs; track work using taskboards; use Kanban boards; build reports and graphs; use Eclipse for Visual Studio or your own code editor; configure your app for continuous builds and deployment; and monitor its performance and usage when live. Choose any of the sections below to learn more.

Set up

Install Visual Studio to code and collaborate with your team.


Track work that needs to be done by your team.


Use continuous builds to improve the quality of your app.


Create and run manual tests and load tests for your app.


Set up the release process for the app you want to deploy.


Continuously improve your live app by monitoring performance trends and understanding usage patterns with Application Insights.

Track ASP.NET web apps 

Track Java web apps 

Track iOS, Android, Windows and other devices


Leverage connectivity between Visual Studio Online and partner solutions.